Learn Everything About Fabrics - 10th July, Saturday

Learn Everything About Fabrics - 10th July, Saturday - Fabriclore

Why should you attend this Workshop?

You like fabrics, you are fascinated by the idea of designing and creating something on your own, you search 'online fabric store' on google, and Fabriclore pops up.

As soon as you open the website there are tabs, filters, and fabrics all over the place. You are trying to navigate your way. It's your first time buying fabrics online, and because you can't feel the fabric, making a choice is getting difficult.

We know all of this, and we understand it. To help you make the right choice and find your way to the perfect fabric, we will be organizing a workshop this Saturday - 10th July 2021.

What can you expect in the workshop?

  1. A road map to all the fabrics of your choice.
  2. Characteristics and uses of different fabrics.
  3. Answer to the question "How can I find the perfect fabric for me"?

Who is it for?

Everyone who loves fabrics and wants to explore everything about it.


10th July, Saturday | 4:00 - 5:00 PM IST

About the Speaker

Reetika Chopra

Reetika is NIFT graduate and Lead Creative Designer at Fabriclore. She has a deep connection with fabrics. Her hobbies include experimentation with different fabrics and crafts. 

As she sees fabrics she knows what shape is it going to take on her. In this workshop she is going to share her secrets as to how you can find perfect combination for your garments. 

Registration is Open for only 50 seats
Register Below.

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Bhagyashree Bherwani

Bhagyashree Bherwani

I love to design and style

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