Celebrating Artisanal Craftmanship

Celebrating Artisanal Craftmanship


April marks the beginning of the harvesting season in India and is also considered the peak summertime. From the simple cotton kurti to the classic maxi dress, these are the pieces that every summer closet requires. Keeping this in mind, Fabriclore boasts an extensive collection of fabrics that represent the rich culture of India in all it’s glory, such as cotton, chanderi, ikat, linen, and many more. Furthermore, it also celebrities the artisanal workmanship of Lehriya craft in the finest rayon dobby fabric, with colourful stripes and dreamy textures, another ideal option for the jubilant season.

One is completely spoilt for choice, with 27 new patterns and a tangy colour palette! Swoon through the hues of peaches, fresh mints, kiwis, or feel jubilant with the refreshing tincture of melons, lemons, and bright oranges - the fine blend of shades represents different moods of the exuberant festivities. For the unknown, Fabriclore is a global fabric brand built on design, quality, and technology that integrates suppliers, designers, boutiques, and consumers on a single platform .

The Pioneer Hydrabaad

The brand offers the widest range of sustainable, viscose, and synthetic fabrics. Sharing with us how their brand stands out from it’s competitors, Anupam Arya, Co-founder & VP-MARCOM & Strategy, Fabriclore, said, “The segmentation, navigation, and discovery of fabrics on a digital platform has never been so easy. All the fabrics available are produced by artisans across 13 states of India. We have it ready. Catalogue of prints or customised designs on the fabric of choice, even for smaller quantities is available. If a label or designer requires a fabric of their choice, right from yarn, certain percentage of sustainable or mix of different yarns-it’s absolutely possible for Fabriclore to create it for them. The Formation of a community centered on design and learning is another critical pillar of Fabric’s business ethos, offering a gamut of styling, sewing, and DIY platforms to both designers and consumers alike.”

India represents unity in diversity like no other country, and that is exactly what they try to showcase. With their products, they inculcate the best of our country through fabrics from the regions they originated from, innovation with craft, catering to both modern and age old relishes of it. 

“India, at its core, has always used the most organic, culturally rich fabrics and textiles. With rapidly approaching conscious change in the fashion industry, people are opting for more eco-friendly, long-lasting fabrics, which we would ideally say means going back to roots rather than following a new trend. We thrive on innovation that brings together the age-old art of making yarn and mixes it with the need to be exclusive. We did a hand block on corduroy in the winter and it’s still doing great,” he said. 

Very soon, the brand will be opening an experiential store in Jaipur. On being asked about the changes they witnessed over time in the Indian fashion scene, he said “Indian’s love their heritage more than anyone in the world. They also know how to modernise it. Banarasi pant, suits, khadi dresses, and lehriya patched jeans are very popular. Fabrics give you a canva to experiment with, showcasing your individual style that no fast fashion brand will be able to communicate with. That being said, we have a team of innovators and textiles who constantly experiment with prints and fabrics to offer something out of the box that works for our fashion-conscious customers.”

According to Anupam, starting a business in fabrics or textiles was never on their agenda as they had no background in it. “Somewhere inside, I always yearned to be a part of a consumer design-oriented project. So, it was a mere stroke of luck. My partners and I realised the demand for fabrics in market was not being fulfilled. Hence, after plunging into the segment deeper, we were surprised to be acquainted with the sheer diversity of fabrics in India! This is how we hatched the idea of starting a business in the same field,” concluded Anupam. 


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