Applique – The art of mish mash stitching

Applique – The art of mish mash stitching - Fabriclore

Applique is a form of ancient sewing craft, where the designs are achieved by layering and stitching up two fabrics. The uniquely handcrafted textile is cut in intricate patterns and is then sewed with the base fabric, giving it a distinct yet cohesive look. The fabric is ornamented with needlework, beads and sequins to achieve designer excellence.

The beauty of this fabric lies in the infinite scope of customization and designs inspired by daily life; they can be easily done in a variety of motifs, ranging from leaves, flowers and animals to sun, moon and divinities. It has been a much-loved craft amongst the countryside women artisans of Rajasthan, Kutch (Gujarat), Bihar, Kangra and Chamba (Himachal Pradesh) and Pipli (Orissa) for ages. From Mahajans and Kathis to Rabari communities, these women folks are truly blessed with an impeccable and unmatchable expertise.

With the changing trends and time, this art has also transformed into a much chic and modern type. The versatility of this fabric makes it a perfect pick for experimentation and design improvisations.

Fab Applique Inspirations

Embellished Ombre Applique Shift Dress by Pankaj and Nidhi #AIFW15

Fire orange Applique Pumpkin Dress by Pankaj and Nidhi

Dandelion Yellow Applique Maxi Dress by Vineet Bahl

Finely Pleated Umbrella Grey Skirt by Pallavi Mohan

Sangria Applique casual Tee

Beige Reverse Applique Tunic

Oxford Blue Applique Wrap Around Skirt

Get inspired and design your own

Shop our exclusively handcrafted Applique collection at The twin stitched fabrics done in bright solid colors is just what you need to make a summer style statement. The durability of cotton and sheer and crisp texture of the Organdie, decorated with needlework bestows intricate designing details to this fabric. 

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