Are You a Natural Boho? 7 Traits that Make You One

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A pretty colorful picture paints itself on our mind's canvas when one thinks about the bohemian subculture. Free-spirited women dressed in florals with flowy silhouettes, a sense of tranquility and serenity washes over our senses. Many define themselves as part of this illustrious tribe, read on to find if you're one of them too:

1. Creative outlet

This trait probably the most defining of them all, creativity courses through their veins like blood. You will always find them expressing themselves in some form of art- painting, writing, photography or maybe even designing. They are keen on letting their creative juices flow and let the little elves in their head take the wheel sometimes.

2. Spiritual

Although, they may not be seen chanting hymns for hours they do have a spiritual bone. They are determined to keep their energy clean and positive along with the people around them. You might hear them using words like- vibes, aura, and karma. They are inclined towards always doing the right thing.

3. Moderate lifestyle

They are very sensitive to their environment and therefore are adamant on making sure they feel at home. You might find their home aesthetic to be quite austere and earthy. The choice of decor is a careful balance of hues found in nature and utility. It's common to spot crafts like Ikat, Kalamkari, Ajrakh, Applique Patchwork and traditional mandalas in their living spaces.

4. Close to nature

They keep finding excuses to stay close to nature, be it spending time in the wild or substituting natural products for chemical based. They are known to have house plants and their way of life is close to our ancestors. A leisurely walk in nature, meditation, yoga, or just lying looking at the stars fill their souls with the elixir of life.

5. Creative career path

They hell-bent to live life the unconventional way and that definitely translates in their professional lives. They opt for career paths that very few follow, this is a result of their un-materialistic nature. Money is a necessity but they don't house the desire to be swimming in it. They find tremendous joy in mixing their passion and work, hence you will find many of them pursuing careers in film, photography, writing or any other art form.

6. Nomadic spirit

They are not settlers but nomads to the last cell of their body. You will see them easily uprooting their lives and moving to unfamiliar lands in a jiffy. They might have stable jobs but would still take frequent trips, solo if they don't find any travel buddy. Their Instagram is always flooded with wandering across tows and cities, meeting regional people and kids, savoring some street food in the hills to name a few, spending an evening by the beach or just with a cup of coffee in a book store or cafe.  

7. Distinct style

They carry a pretty distinguishable style with flowy silhouettes with a dash of earth-momma vibes. You'll find them dressed in long frilly skirts paired with crop tops, messy hairdos with a staple of chunky silver jewelry. Florals are their absolute favorite; layers of embellished denim and leather are definitely not uncommon. They give off a free-floating and comfortable disposition.


Did any of the points check out for you? Maybe you too have a boho flair in you. If you feel like one, then you should surely dress like one to get the full effect! Head on to to experiment with textures, floral & abstract prints, crafts like Kalamkari, Ajrak, Ikat, Batik, Tie & Dye to create not only new looks for yourself but also for your home with their artisanal range of handmade home furnishing & decor accessories

Authored By: Sunidhi Gaur

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This article validates my boho soul. L🤎e it!



This article validates my boho soul. L🤎e it!



Found this article an interesting read.Many of the points fit into the attributes that I have.Now I can describe myself in a better way.Thanks !

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