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    153 products

    153 products

    Prominent in parts of Asia and Japan, Ikat is a unique kind of resist dyeing technique, where yarns are bundled & dyed in the colour of choice & woven together. Since these yarns are pre-dyed, as a result of the complex weaving process, artisans achieve beautiful & striking blurry ikat patterns, which are the identifying characteristic of this craft. This also makes sure ikat material ideal for both men & women.

    Fabriclore’s Ikat Fabrics are available in a mélange of vibrant & pastel shades, with a choice of regular cotton and mercerized cotton. In the fast-paced fashion world, Ikat still stands as a classic choice to create ikat dresses, peplum tops, suits, sarees, blouses, rompers, dupattas and even in home décor.