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    212 products

    Premium 2/40 Ikat Cotton fabric

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    Ikat is a distinctive kind of resist dyeing process that is often used in some regions of Asia and Japan. Early in the chronicles of human history, people all over the globe came to the realization that it was possible to construct clothing that was exceedingly detailed and beautiful by tying yarn together in desired designs and coloring it in bunches. 

    No one knows exactly when or where ikat fabric came from, but it is now an important part of many cultures around the world, including those in East Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

    The beautiful and stunning hazy ikat patterns that are the distinguishing feature of this craft are achieved by the artists through a sophisticated weaving procedure. These patterns ensures that ikat fabric is suitable for both men and women, which is a major plus.

    To create an Ikat pattern, yarns are bundled, then dyed in the desired color, and then woven together. This intricate dyeing technique can be done on either silk or cotton fabrics. As a result, a shimmering, multicolored piece of cloth emerges. This is a key difference between ikat and the tie-dye procedure, in which the fabric is woven before being dyed.

    Ikat has always been known for its unique and distinct beauty. If you have ever worn outfits made out of it, then you know how unique it is. 

    Fabriclore's Ikat collection, brought from the heritage town of Pochampally, is available in a variety of yarns dyed in various colors such as red, black, blue, and more. Honestly, you will love it! With this collection, you can design your own suits, shirts, dresses, upholstery, and even more.