5 Fabrics You Didn't Know Exist - 3rd one will Surprise You

5 Fabrics You Didn't Know Exist - 3rd one will Surprise You - Fabriclore

Did you think advancements and inventions were only limited to technology? Well, not really.  We are about to stun you with some extraordinary fabrics that are going to change the way you perceive evolution in textiles! 

Just hold tight, because this is getting crazy! 

We’ve all heard of fabrics like Silk, Cotton Wool, Polyester, Velvet and etc, etc. However, that’s not all.  Thanks to experimentation, evolution and the need for more and better, there are quite some advanced fabrics that come with their own unmatched qualities that will make you go Wow and buy them already! 

1. Anti-Microbial Fabric

Never thought that would exist, right? Well, neither did we think about this pandemic to change our lives that way either. Extreme things lead to extreme inventions. 

So, first things first - what exactly is an anti-microbial fabric!? As the name itself suggests, it protects against the microbes. This now much-needed fabric resists the hazardous microbes and prevents them from getting accumulated in our cloth surface - therefore reducing the chances for spread.

For better understanding, let’s say, where a cotton fabric has a filtering capacity of 50-60%, a microbial cloth would have the same for about 97%.

Therefore, making the fabric widely applicable and a good choice to be worn in public. 

2. Reversible Cloth 

C’mon now, who doesn’t like two at the price of one? Taking efficiency to another level, the reversible fabric basically functions as one fabric with two different feels or looks.

While one side of the surface could be say, soft or have a particular pattern; when flipped it reveals another texture or pattern on the other end.

Apart from being highly sustainable, they are also a great fashion statement, they save you the cost for two clothing pieces and in fact, also make your travel packing much lighter.

Remember all those wardrobe disasters where you spilled something on your dress at a fancy event? Well, with reversible fabric, just flip it and you’re sorted. You would also thank the inventor when after a long office day, all you need to switch to an out-going mood would be the flip off of your garment than carrying an entire change outfit. 

Fashion, when done sustainably, can make lives quite easier. And the reversible fabrics stand true to the thought. 

3. Photochromic Print 

Done with the skillful art of screen printing, these  photochromatic fabrics are poetry on cloth!

Prints that can change when exposed to Sunlight - yes, they’re very much a real thing. The ink used in printing these changes color dramatically when revealed in daylight.

Thus, not only a fun technological upgrade in fabrics, these are no less than a fashion statement too. What’s more they are available in many patterns and prints. Choose as you like! 

4. Soybean Fabric

Now this, we bet you wouldn’t have heard of!

Extracted from Soybean peels and stem, the fibres for the fabric are processed with organic methods and zero chemicals. What’s more, with a little blend of cotton, this fabric aces the summer just as well as winters.

So, with eco-friendly nature, suitability for different weather and being exotic, no doubts that Soybean fabric would also be a great candidate for custom designed apparels.

When we say textiles have come a long way, we surely mean by such innovative fabrics. Way to go! 

5. Indian Snacks on Fabrics

Ever thought of that? I am sure all of us have seen burgers and pizzas on fabrics. We were a little unsettled.

After all, we crave for Samosa -Pav Bhaji equally, so we decided to break the chain with our Desi Delicacies.

Adding the Indian flavour to everything we create, our own innovation of printing the most loved Indian snacks like Samosa, Pav Bhaji, Vada Pav, Dhokla, and more on the comfortable summer fabric, Flex Cotton.

Now don't just eat them, wear them.


While we talk about innovation and creativity in nearly every field. The fabric industry undoubtedly deserves a big applause for changing the way we dress and perceive. 

So, we hope  our pick of unique fabrics would have opened some gates of thoughts and ideas. It’s time to buy some crazy unique fabrics and stitch your world in your color!

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