How to be your own Sewist? #9 The Colette Dress

How to be your own Sewist? #9 The Colette Dress - Fabriclore
For this month’s posts, we want to introduce you to a Belgian sewing Magazine called Fibre Mood. Fibre Mood sells very affordable sewing patterns and I absolutely love their style and designs. It resonates a lot with my wardrobe.


They release magazines which have over 12-15 patterns, including kids and some men’s patterns, so you certainly get a lot for your money. You can also purchase individual patterns if you like only one pattern from that magazine. They periodically conduct sew longs and sell the pattern for only 5 euros. These are great ways to buy them discounted. 

I have an affiliate link for Fibre Mood. I make a small commission at no extra cost to you, if you would like to support me!



The Pattern

I fell in love with this pattern the moment I saw it. The delicate princess seams that gives you flattering bodice and the elasticated back bodice which adds to a great fit all fell into place beautifully. You can check out all the makes on Instagram here.

This pattern has many bodice pieces and 2 distinct front pieces. So, I recommend that you follow a good system (like what I suggest in my last post) to keep track of your pattern pieces. 

I highly recommend making a toile (or a test garment) of just the bodice because of how fitted it is. I found my back bodice to be much bigger than I need and had to make adjustments accordingly. Otherwise if you choose your size according to your bust size, you will be good to go. 

Looking through the size charts, I chose to grade between a 40 on the bust to a 38 on the waist and I cut out a 38 skirt. I shortened the length of the skirt to be midi length for my height. 



The Fabric

This is the most amazing, printed linen I have worked with. This fabric is 100% linen. It washed and sewed up like a dream. I held onto this fabric for a while thinking about the right pattern that would do this beauty justice.

I needed something that does not drape that much and can hold its shape for the bodice. Colette screamed out at me when I saw it. I made a few changes to the pattern which I talk about below. Another pattern that I loved for this dress is the Jessica Dress by MimiG style. It is very similar to Colette but I already owned the Colette pattern.



Sewing up the dress


Fibremood’s patterns and their instructions are surely not for early beginners. That said, if you want to challenge yourself give it a go. I’m happy to help you along the way. 


Apart from shortening the dress and fitting the back bodice better, I also adjusted the straps. The straps in the pattern ask for an adjustable bra like strap with notions you find in any bra. Unfortunately, I did not have access to those notions which I made the dress, so I chose to cut out 4 long straps and tied them on the shoulders. I love how it turned out. This modification adds to the delicate silhouette this pattern creates. 


Finally give your dress a good press and wear it proudly! The silhouette is amazing to compliment you.


Author: Swetha Mohan

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