It is meant to be with Fabriclore!

It is meant to be with Fabriclore! - Fabriclore

A story which almost didn’t happen!

And we can do crazy for you!

It travelled for 23 Days! That's 552 hrs in 7 different flights across 5 different countries, just so our love story could be completed. 

It all started when a fashion  designer living in New Caledonia, a French island country near Australia in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, fell in love with Indian fabrics at Fabriclore. A mother & artistry enthusiast, she decided to craft her story with them. 

We could not be happier when she found us on the internet and reached out to us. We were thrilled and excited to start our journey with her and look at her creations.

She selected the fabrics, put them in the cart, and was ready to complete her order. 

But, but, but… Like every new journey comes with hurdles and obstacles this did too. 

She could not complete the order because our system displayed ‘No Delivery available at New Caledonia’. We knew that the hurdle was big but we were also sure that we did not want our journey to end there. 

So what now?

We set up a meeting with our delivery partner, DHL, who for sure was our lifesaver in the whole situation. As they haven’t heard much about the country, it took us some days to reach a conclusion on how we are going to deliver fabrics to New Caledonia. 

Finally, we had a map of how the package is going to be delivered. 

We packed it, attached a little note of gratitude, and shipped it with eyes full of hope that she receives it soon.

After a long journey, she finally received the fabric she laid eyes on along with the craftsmanship of our artisans in her hand. And look how precious & amazing are the clothes she made out of them.

This love story took 23 days to wind up at her doorstep & a few more days to craft her magic onto our fabrics. It gives us so much hope and pleasure to keep moving forward every day when we see stories of our handcrafted fabric reaching every corner of the world.

Share with us the excitement of waiting for your order & the joy of receiving it.

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