The Essentials For All Your Attires & DIY Projects

The Essentials For All Your Attires & DIY Projects - Fabriclore

If you're new or a pro at DIY projects, you must know the importance of Trims. Trims are to your fashion projects, like truffle to your cake. It is a complementary component added to your garment or accessory to boost your costume functionally and aesthetically. In short, they amplify your style quotient.

We at Fabriclore have just introduced trims for you to adorn your DIY endeavours without break. For starters - Laces, Embellishments and Buttons are a must!


Albeit narrow in width, Laces' length allows you to work freely around the entire circumference of your garment. The openwork pattern made of natural fabrics like Cotton, or Silk, helps in delicate fabric work. You can sew it around your sleeve or skirt hem, or you can go on a creative spree and trim out an entire piece for the bodice with your favourite piece of lace at ease!

Our collections includes an assortment of Cotton Laces, Jute, Sequins, Lurex & more, enriched with sequins, shells, beads. Add a gem to your creation with these laces on your saree, dupatta, blouse, dress & more attires.


If you are a fan of ethnic fashion, then you would know how important embellishments are. Subtle, yet elegant, embellishments are tiny additional embroidery patches that empower the ethnic theme of your outfit.

These sew-on patches can adorn your attires, DIY crafts & home accessories with beautiful sequins, zari & embroidery. Simply attach them with hand sewing or using a sewing machine.

Though the inclusion of such patches in proper areas is quintessential - if otherwise, the entire outfit would be nothing but a mess (sad, but true). That's the reason why we offer embellishments that blend well with most of the costumes, and the ones that can be easily placed without making the dress look gaudy.



Amongst the the three latest launches, Buttons are the most versatile and easy to work with. You don't have to be a master of dexterity, but it demands patience. With more than a 100 different kinds of buttons for you to choose from our website, you can go from designing the neck of your favourite Tee, all the way to stack buttons on your Denim Jacket - to give it a modern-day chic look!

An essential accessory to not just secure your attire but enhance its look, add wooden buttons, shell buttons, classic metal buttons & more. For the quirky touch, we have curated hand-painted buttons.


Now that you have the access to all the trims required for your project at your fingertips, it is about time you move your muscles and hustle to craft your story.

Also, tell us in the comments below what you would like to see next at Fabriclore.

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