Top 10 Fabric-Made Home Furnishing Ideas to Perk up your Living Space

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 An average person spends most of his or her life going to work or stressing about it, but it all boils down to coming back home to your loved ones and just taking a step back to relax. Hence, it is essential to keep your home spic and span because, your home essentially is not only a reflection of yourself, but is also a personal haven, that one continuously likes to deck and grace with an innovative interior decor and some creative home furnishing. 

Let us take you through some home furnishing essentials that can be easily custom designed by using a mix of fabrics and accessories:


Most of the unwinding takes place where you sleep, hence, it is indispensable to have a cozy nook to curl up. A quick change of the bedspread can light up the entire ambience of your room. Then whether it is friends sleeping over, or you bumping into a good sound sleep, you can up the game by stitching together leftover complementary fabrics and creating an exquisite patchwork bedsheet. If you are aiming for a more fusion and rustic flavour in your bedroom then you can go for crafts like Ajrakh, Kantha, Kalamkari, Ikat etc., or you can take the contemporary route with Shibori, Digital Muslin, Viscose Crepe, Abstract Rayon and more.

Cushion Cover

A good way to breathe life into a boring living space is to throw in some cushions to the mix. Not only do they brighten up the space, but also serve as an excuse to lie down wherever you find one. Once you are done picking cushions of the needed shape and size, try adding your own twist by stitching your own cushion covers. Some of the suitable fabrics and crafts would be Indigo, Kalamkari, Raw Silk, Shibori, Kantha, Quirky Textured Linen and Cotton Slub Checks. If you are not that fond of stitching then you can just shop for plain raw silk covers in pretty colours and explore techniques like hand painting, hand block printing and foil painting etc.


Snuggling up in a quilt while rain pours outside, or on a chilly winter afternoon is one of the most soothing feelings ever, and if you are one of those who find peace in life’s small joys, then you should definitely DIY your quilt. Cut fabrics in the shapes of your choice, sew them together in a pretty fashion and voila! You have a new bright and colourful quilt! While selecting your quilting fabric keep in mind that 100% cotton is recommended but you can also opt for cotton blends and the goes for the filling of the quilt. Fair warning! You might have to buy some tools for this DIY although, it will be all worth it when you see the end results.

Wall Decor/ Hanging

Channel your creative side and use fabric as your medium. Create breathy designs by simple craft materials and add a spark to your otherwise drab home life. Create a modern milieu by using contemporary fabrics like quirky Poplin, Muslin, Rayon, Linen Textured and more, or go back to the rich Indian roots by making a classic Vandanvaar with the traditional selection of fabrics like Kalamkari, Banarasi, Ajrak, Shibori, Ikat, Jacquard to name a few. You can simply hang a beautiful saree as tapestry or DIY to create an aesthetically pleasing wall scroll. 


If you think of it, a curtain is just a flowy fabric and it’s in your hands to boost its style quotient. You can keep it as elementary as a gradient of subtle hues, to give your home a breezy summer feel, or give a blast to the past with a boho chic curtain. Tying long colorful fabric pieces on a string or some patchwork blends in the middle can add a radiant vibe to your home. Ditch your old curtains and fashion your own with fabrics like Muslin, Linen and Khadi -Textured, Viscose Crepe Silk, Satin, Bagh Cotton or Maheshwari Silk, Cotton Ikat, Chanderi etc.

Table Cloth/ Mats

A family that eats together, stays together! Dine in style with tablecloths and placemats, that you so lovingly crafted with fabric patches. Table Mats made out of fabrics like Indigo, Kantha Cotton, Ikat, Ajrak, to name a few look inviting when decked with some decorative laces or sequins work. With experiments like these, it’s time to impress your family not just with good food but also win their hearts with the dining decor.


Let go of your standard leather couch and introduce your living room with a tailored fabric couch. This will give your house a more voguish look while exuding a homely vibe. While increasingly being used in a plethora of home furnishings, Ikat is one fabric that one can use to design stand-out sofas. Due to its sturdy nature and minimal motifs, one gets an edge to choose from a broader spectrum of blurry colorful yarns. You can also pick fabrics like Jute, Handloom Textured, Mangalgiri Cotton, Linen Textured, Jacquard, Khadi Textured to design your own dream couch.


If you have an experience with crochet, you can easily turn shreds of fabrics into pragmatic rugs that can be placed anywhere in the house and will add on to the charm of your house. You can still be very resourceful if not well versed with the art of crochet, just use some tape and acrylic paint to turn an old boring rug into an interesting one. The most durable and popularly used fabrics used for rugs include: Cotton, Jute, Silk and Synthetic Fabrics like: Nylon, Viscose and Polypropylene.


As you sip your morning tea by the bed or evening tea by the window of your living room, one thing that is small yet important for keeping your house clean is coasters. Ever thought of designing your own coasters? Now is the time, to take your tea sipping experience to an all new level by experimenting with playful shapes and designs. If you have your quilting tools from trying the quilt then all you need is a fabric of your choice and the filling (upto your requirement), also known as batting. Branch out to sturdier fabrics like Cotton, Jute, Jacquard etc when deciding on the fabrics.

Oven mitts/ Hot pads/ aprons

How fascinating it is to know that one can do so much with fabrics! From living room to bedroom and now to your kitchen, design your own oven mitts, aprons and more. You can easily find batting specifically designed for potholders, oven mitts etc online and otherwise. You should go straight in the direction of 100% cotton when picking a fabric for crafting anything that is going to near an open flame or extreme heat.

Some of these DIY ideas might seem intimidating but you can easily find websites that will walk you through all the steps and it will be done in a jiffy. Since all the ideas circle around fabrics you can visit for all your fabric related needs as well as queries. We hope we have inspired you to make your humble abode a tinsy bit more homely!

Banner Source nadja.robot on Visual hunt / CC BY-NC
Authored By: Sunidhi Gaur

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Jenny Smith

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