Ancient fashion

Ancient Fashion Of Egypt

Ancient Fashion Of Egypt

Egypt is a city, known for its ancient golden look and overwhelming beauty. With enormous pyramids, tombs, museums, and a treasure trove of antique items. 

Have you ever wondered what people used to wear in ancient times?

Have you ever wondered what people used to wear in ancient times?

 The place where along with Cleopatra’s beauty her dressing sense was also admired a lot. She was an inspiration for almost everyone. At that time precious stones, gems, and jewels were used to be mended on clothing, whereas today we use them in our jewelry. Although the reason is unknown still it is said that their clothes were not only stylish but they were also comfortable for hot deserts.   

Men’s clothing

Men’s Clothing

You must have seen Hollywood movies based on past wars. In all of them, all the warriors used to wear skirts, tunics, and more made of metal, to protect themselves while fighting. Ancient men used to wear wrap-around skirts which were known as Shendyt. During that time their pleated skirts were short, and later on, came long skirts, tunics, blouses with sleeves, and also pleated petticoats.       

Women’s clothing

Women’s Clothing

In ancient Egypt fashion, women wore a plain sheath dress also known as kalasiris. Unlike males, they used to wear ankle-length clothes, but although this dress was long from the top it was a women’s choice to wear it below or above the breast. The class of a person was denoted by their type of dress. For instance, the upper class wore embellished dresses with capes, shawls, or robes.     

Whereas, peasant women wore a dress that was known as a galabeya or jellabiya. These were especially worn when they went outdoors to do work. And when they were out in public they used to wear a dress known as a tob sebleh. It is typically a wide full-length dress made out of cotton fabric.   



Egypt is known for its aesthetic places and especially intricate jewelry. As they wore plain linen clothes, jewelry was a means to enhance their beauty. Moreover, they preferred gold jewelry, bright-colored stones, and precious metals. In addition, silver was rarely worn but it was considered more precious than gold.   

Have you head of lapis lazuli?

Have you head of lapis lazuli?

An exceptionally beautiful stone that was blue in color with stories crafted on it was one of the most lovable stones among the upper class. Stories, in the sense, from nature to anything that you imagine were crafted on them. The essence was its serene blue color.   


What was Egyptian clothing called?

During ancient times women used to wear long plain white dresses to keep them cool in the hot summer and it was commonly known as Kalasiris. 

What did poor Egyptians wear?

 People belonging to the lower class mostly wore jellabiya, which was a long dress with full sleeves and without any collar, with a loose fitting.  

What did ancient Egyptian females wear?

Depending upon the class the dresses differed, for instance, upper-class women wore kalasiris, which were embellished with gems, jewels, and stones. Whereas, lower-class women wore plain dresses known as galabeya. 


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