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Linen Fabric

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    121 products

    Linen Georgette Plain- 70 GSM

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    Linen fabric is exceptionally breathable and absorbent, making it a great summer fabric. It is also skin-friendly as it is made entirely of natural fibers harvested from the flax plant. Linen shirts, gowns, kurtas, palazzos, tank tops, skirts, overcoats, and other garments can be made from this unisex fabric. 

    Linen is a sturdy and resilient fabric that is usually discovered and used as a bedding fabric because it is soft, comfy, and dries considerably faster than cotton, making it a perfect fabric for people who sweat while sleeping.

    It is best characterized as a fabric created from extremely fine organic fibers. These fibers are removed with care, spun into yarn, and then woven into long sheets of soft, long-lasting linen cloth.

    Nowadays, linen is essentially a niche commodity that is still manufactured to make a few blended textiles. Despite its rich history, linen is no longer popular due to the time-consuming and complex techniques required to produce this fabric. Even though it was hard to make linen thousands of years ago because of limited resources, this fabric is still fussy and expensive now.

    Fabriclore offers a large selection of premium linen fabrics. Our linen range is certified by the European Confederation of Flax and Hemp and has the uncommon traceability label – European flax. This makes sure that each piece of linen is made with the best linen fibers and in mills that control quality.

    Our Premium Fine Linen & Linen-Textured textiles have a thicker thickness than cotton with a wavy flow and are available in a range of colors from pastel to deep, with motifs such as Mughal flowers, ditsy, jaalis, and roses, to mention a few.