The Trend of Salwar Kameez as Wedding Attires

The Trend of Salwar Kameez as Wedding Attires

Social media trends in the current world have impacted the minds as well as the lifestyle of people. The fashion industry has also expanded its arenas in all styles. Moreover, Islamic fashion was considered by most people as a restriction, but now it has changed its meaning and it is no more bound by any means.    

Exposing their body or hair to a certain level is now accepted by people. 

Islamic dress is known for its modest and elegant dress, according to their norms. However, many people are not aware of the fact that wearing a hijab is not about oppression it is more than that. It is a beautiful tradition that they follow to submit themselves to God.

Islamic clothing is much more than the hijab and burka, for instance, the salwar kameez, abaya, burkini, sirwal, boshiya, and many more. 

Weddings in all religions are one of the most auspicious days. And as wedding season is on the top, everywhere there is a hustle for buying the best dresses. Fashion style may vary from palace to place but the love for heavy wedding salwar kameez never fades. Recently, people have taken a break from traditional outfits for weddings and now in the Islamic region trend is this. In most weddings, it is a top pick for brides, in addition, grooms too go for designer salwar kameez. Although there is no rule that only salwar kameez is allowed, sarees, lehenga, and gowns are also allowed.  

The trend of Salwar Kameez as Wedding Attires

Where the whole world is going for matching dresses, then why should the Islamic region be left behind?  

According to the weather, the fabric varies and this wedding season goes for velvet salwar kameez. As velvet is closely entwined with a thick plush pile. Its texture is very soft when it is woven with natural fibers, specifically cotton. It is a symbol of luxury, earlier it was made from silk, today also at rare places it is available. The specialty of this fabric is that it will keep you warm during winter. 

If you are not able to find a perfect place from where you can pick the right fabric for your wedding attire. Then don’t need to worry, Fabriclore is the place where you will find numerous options for fabric with multiple designs and colors. You can also customize your attire with the assistance of our in-house designers. We are India’s leading fabric store and our services are also available in the USA, UK, and Canada. The plus point is that wholesale fabric is also available at a reasonable price and in any quantity you want ad also at retail. All our fabrics are of high quality so that you can preserve your wedding dress and its memories for a lifetime.  

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In Islam is buying clothes before any marriage or happy event considered an omen?

No, it is a myth that they aren’t allowed to buy clothes before marriage or a happy event. As these dresses are for one-time events, each piece is selected with a lot of emotions. And both the bride and groom imagine themselves standing in that dress on their big day.     

What do Muslim women wear on their heads during the wedding ceremony on their head?

All the women wear a hijab during their wedding ceremony. As it symbolizes the modesty and morals of a female, in front of holy rituals. 

Can Muslims wear flowers at weddings?

Yes, there is no boundation between flowers, as all of them depict purity and their fragrance spreads a positive feeling. Moreover, not only an accessory but also it can be worn in a dress.

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