Applique fabric

Applique Fabric

Applique Fabric

What is Applique fabric?

  • This word is taken from the french word ‘appliquer’ meaning ‘to put on’.
  • A patch technique in which many designs can be crafted.
  • There are three types of applique: Hand, machine, and fused.
  • Patch is first crafted on another fabric and then, later on, pasted on the base fabric. 
  • It can be done on cotton, silk, linen, wool, or any desired fabric. 
  • Applique print fabric or handwork is available in suits, kurtas, embroidery, and many more.   
  • It is highly used for quilting.  
What is Applique fabric


  • It all started near the 4th century in Siberia and Mongolia.
  • It was used to strengthen the torn areas of the fabric by attaching patches to it.
  • Earlier they were seen on carpets, wall hangings, bags, and many other items.

What makes it stand out?


Varied textures with 3d effects. Moreover, a large area can be covered with only a few stitches.


Depending on the imagination, these uplifted complex beautiful designs can vary to any extent.

What makes it stand out

Application & Usage

Home decor

Banners, paintings, wall hangings, pillow covers, etc.


Handbags, quilts, clothing, and more.


Application & Usage

Care Instruction

  • It can be easily washed in the machine.
  • Washing it from both sides, won’t harm the fabric.
  • Wash with cold water, with a little gentle dry.
  • Don’t dry it under direct sunlight.
  • Never leave this fabric soak in water.
  • Don’t iron it often, or if you do never do steam ironing.
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