Chinchilla Fabric

Chinchilla Fabric

Chinchilla Fabric

What is Chinchilla Fabric?

What is Chinchilla Fabric?
  • Chinchilla cloth is a kind of thick, spongy woolen overcoat fabric that has a long nap and has been rubbed into a curly, nubby finish. 
  • Wool or wool blends are used in its production, and cotton may be woven into the warp to increase the fabric's tensile strength.


  • Chinchilla rodents were persecuted to the point of extinction for their fur during the last few years of the 19th century, which led to their eventual demise. 
  • Prior to that time, accessories and elegant outfits were often made from the skin and hair of animals
  • During this time period, chinchilla hair was used in fashion projects by a lot of designers and industry professionals.

What makes it stand out


Since this overcoat fabric material is manufactured from natural hair, it curls readily, giving it a distinctive aspect that is distinct from that of other coat fabrics.


Due to the excellent insulation provided by this fabric, you will not experience even the slightest bit of discomfort from the cold.


As the fabric is trimmed with fur, this garment made of fabric is very cozy and plush.

Application and Usage


Coats, shirts, pants, etc.


Gloves, scarves, etc.

Home Furnishing

Cushion covers, pillow covers, curtains, etc. 

Care Instructions

  • It is recommended that you wash it by hand or in a dry cleaning machine rather than putting it through the rigors of the washing machine. 
  • You should make every effort to ensure that its exposure to the sun is kept to a minimum in order to prevent the formation of yellow spots in concentrated regions. 
  • When packing it, be sure to use bags with straps, since fur hair is prone to falling out. 
  • Make sure it doesn't become wet or soaked.
Care Instructions



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