Duvetyne Fabric

Duvetyne Fabric

What is Duvetyne Fabric?

What is Duvetyne Fabric?
  • Duvetyne fabric is also known as Molton and Rokel.
  • It is a twill fabric with a matte finish.
  • This fabric is made from sateen weave.
  • Mostly it is dyed in black color.
  • On one side it is napped and on the other side, it has a brushed finish. 
  • Its surface is very soft with a velvety texture.


  • In the early twentieth-century cotton and wool were used to make this fabric. 
  • Later, silk was used in blending to make a duvetyne curtain.

What makes it Stand Out


It helps in blocking light while using cameras


Lightweight, drape, soft 

Application & Usage

Home Furnishing

Curtains for stage and theaters, masking, covering cameras 



Care Instruction

Care Instruction (3)
  • Over dry cleaning can damage your fabric.
  • Use a brush on the surface to remove dust.
  • It can be easily washed in the machine with cold water. 
  • Store it in a dry and ventilated area. 
  • To minimize wrinkles before using hang them days before. 
  • A little water can be used with a spray bottle before hanging to avoid wrinkles. 

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