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What is Dobby Fabric?

  • Fabric made on a dobby loom has a rough appearance due to the dobby weave pattern.
  • Both the warp and the weft of the fabric are of the same color.
  • To bring attention to the rough design of the cloth, satin threads are sometimes used.
  • Although the cloth is woven via a loom, as is the case with other forms of weaving, a piece of specialized equipment known as a dobby is required in order to connect the fabric to the loom. The use of this dobby machine makes it possible to create prints that are woven into the cloth.
  • Designs produced by a dobby loom have a propensity to be repetitive and patterned all over the surface.
  • The dobby fabric is constructed using a wide array of fibers, including cotton, silk, nylon, and so on.
Dobby Fabric


  • In the year 1840, the production of the Fabric began for the very first time. 
  • During the weaving process, a dobby is necessary in order to properly connect the Fabric to the loom. This is also the case while weaving other types of textiles. 
  • Using this dobby technology, it is possible to create prints that are woven directly into the fabric. 
  • Hence, this was the origin of "Dobby Fabric."
Dobby Fabric Online

What Makes it Stand Out?


Slightly more textured than plain fabric and less complex than jacquard.


Dobby has a pleasant drape to its fabric.




The fabric is semi-sheer that is slightly opaque in appearance. 


It does not easily wrinkle, which makes the ironing and folding processes simpler.

Application and Uses


Shirts, blouses, dresses, etc.

Home Furnishing

Curtains, bed sheets, etc.


Handbags, etc.

Care Instructions

  • Use either warm or cold water and the normal cycle for washing the cloth.
  • Dry in a low-heat tumble dryer.
  • Only non-chlorine bleach must be used.
  • Iron the cloth without causing it to stretch.
Dobby Fabric

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