Kota Doria Fabric

Kota Doria Fabric

What is Kota Doria fabric?

  • Kota Doria fabric is a combination of cotton and silk woven in a square check pattern. 
  • The silk in it gives shine to the fabric whereas cotton gives strength. 
  • The checked pattern on it is  known as ‘Khat’ which is the distinguishing element of Kota Doria
  • Due to its special style of weaving the fabric is light, airy, soft and comfortable.
  • All these characteristics make Kota Doria the first choice to be worn in summer and its gracefulness makes the fabric a part of fashion. 
  • It was first designed in Kaithoon , a small town located 15 km away from Kota.
  • Several clusters of Kota Doria can be found in nearby places like, Bundi, Kota & Baran, however, Kaithoon is the main hub of Kota Doria’s production.
Kota Doria


  • According to the old saying, Kota Doria arose from the southern state of Mysore but later moved to Rajasthan. 
  • It was during the 17th century when a Mughal general along with his son Ram Rao Singh aided the weavers to migrate from Mysore. 
  • Because of this the weavers were known as Masuria and sarees made from that fabric were called Kota Masuria saree. 
  • Kota Doria was once used as a headgear only for royalty, but with years passing, the use of fabric became prominent among people. 
History Of Kota Doria

What makes it so special?


Kota Doria is sheer in nature due to its fusion of cotton and silk yarn.


As it is partly made up of Silk fibers , it has a quality of softness.


Out of 14 yarns within tiny squares of Kota Doria, 8 are of cotton which imparts unparalleled strength of cotton. 


Often the mesh is fused with zari which gives a beautiful shimmer to the fabric. 

Application & Usage


Sarees, Kurtas, etc


Handbags, pouches, etc

Home furnishing

Window curtains, lampshades, etc.

New Age Innovations 

  • Around 2,500 families in Kota are still practicing the craft and trying to preserve its essence even with the declining trend of the fabric. 
  • Currently, power-loom Kota Doria fabric is woven in places like Kolkata and Varanasi on a large scale causing the handloom industry to decline in demand. 
  • It takes two and a half months to weave a handloom saree, whereas power-loom takes roughly 1 day to weave 20-25 sarees.
  • During initial times, people used to design only sarees out of Kota Doria, however, at present , a huge variety of dresses, dupattas, Kurta and various other products are manufactured.
Kota Doria Fabric Online

How to Check the Authenticity of Kota Doria? 

  • You can feel softness, open texture and light-weight by holding the fabric. 
  • The basic texture of the Kota Doria material is blended with silk as well as cotton which gives a transparent effect from silk yarn and stripe effect from cotton yarn.
Kota Doria Gabric

Care Instructions

  • Prefer to dry clean the fabric for the first few washes. In case you are washing it at home, do it with gentle hands with mild detergent and cold water.
  • To avoid color bleeding, do not soak the fabric for more than 10 minutes.
  • Do not dry it under direct sunlight.
  • Do not wring the fabric.
  • In case you want to iron the fabric, do it in low to medium mode.

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