Lizzy Bizzy Fabric

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What is Lizzy Bizzy Fabric? 

  • Lizzy Bizzy is woven with cotton and polyester yarns.
  • It is commercially known as “PV fabric” .
  • A classic illustration of science meets nature, Lizzy Bizzy fabric is made by intertwining viscose and polyester threads.
Lizzy Bizzy Fabric

What Makes it Stand Out


It has a soft texture and is breathable due to the presence of viscose fibers.


Because of polyester fibers, it is strong and durable and does not lose their shape.


As the number of polyester yarns is less in the fabric, which makes Lizzy Bizzy all-season material.


It is comfy and easy to wear. 


Lizzy has great fall which makes it perfect for fashioning into an easy-going frill top.

Application & Usage


Jumpsuits, Kurtis, Crop-top, A-line dresses, etc.


Curtains, bed sheets, etc.

Care Instructions 

  • Lizzy Bizzy fabric can be either hand washed or machine washed. 
  • It does not require any special requirements for the ironing or drying process. 
Lizzy Bizzy Fabric
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