How to be your own Sewist? #13 Amy Jumpsuit

How to be your own Sewist? #13 Amy Jumpsuit - Fabriclore

For this month’s post, I am trying my hands at a simple jumpsuit pattern. The Amy jumpsuit is designed by an amazing independent Canadian pattern designer called Closet Core Patterns. They have some amazing easy to wear patterns that are drafted impeccably. 

Hand Block

There are so many versions of this jumpsuit available online which will inspire you to make your own design. 


For the jumpsuit , I chose gorgeous Ajrakh hand block print fabric from Fabriclore. When I first saw the fabric I instantly fell in love and decided to make something beautiful out of it. 

Ajrak Fabric

Fabriclore’s Ajrak Fabric collection is a perfect example of rich heritage with a scoop of comfort. The print on the fabric is inspired from Sindhi and Mughal culture. 

The fabric is dyed by using natural hues revealing an earthy texture with bohemia tone. The fabric can be used to make both women and men wear.  

They are also available with different geometrical patterns, hand-block designs, sky elements along with orange, earthy tone of madder and many more. 

The fabric is rich in color and was such an easy fabric to sew and iron. It could be used to make many different types of garments from shirts, kurtis to dresses, skirts and jumpsuits!

The Pattern

The pattern works great with so many different types of fabrics, from voiles to chambrays to even denim.   

This pattern is a very quick sew. It consists of very few pattern pieces which all come together very easily. 

Fabrics Design

Looking through my size chart, I chose to cut out a straight size 6. No grading required. 

As for most jumpsuits, I shortened the rise of the jumpsuit by 1 inch and also shortened the length of the jumpsuit by 2 inches to fit my height. No other changes were made. 

Sewing up the jumpsuit

The jumpsuit has 2 front and 2 back pieces, inseam pockets and an invisible zipper on the side. It has a facing to finish the neckline. 

One of the main features of this pattern is this gorgeous flattering neckline. It scoops at the back and in the front but just the right amount, so you do not have to feel uncomfortable. The straps are broad enough to tuck bra straps.  

Techniques you will learn

  1. How to sew a V-neckline
  2. How to insert an invisible zipper
  3. How to insert straps between the bodice and the facing

And here you go! A perfect dress for any of your casual outings.

I love this comfortable breezy jumpsuit & highly encourage you to make you for yourself! 

We also happen to be a magnet for suggestions, and would love to catch yours….throw us yours on

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