Olefin Fiber

Olefin Fiber

What is Olefin Fiber

  • Olefin is a synthetic fabric created by combining two different chemicals. 
  • Both ethylene and propylene fall into this category, with propylene being the more prevalent of the two.
  • Compared to cotton, wool, silk, or rayon, it's a more eco-friendly fabric option.
Olefin Fiber

History of Olefin Fiber

  • A fresh upcycling option emerged in the middle of the twentieth century.
  • Polypropylene is a synthetic fibre that was initially developed in Italy in 1957.
  • By 1960, production in the United States was humming along.
  • The widespread use of olefin may be attributed to its straightforward production method, which calls for very nothing in the way of advanced equipment or sophisticated technology.
Olefin Fiber

What Makes it Stand Out


Olefin is a very long-lasting material because of its dense weave and the strength of the chemical fibres used to produce it.

Water resistance 

Fabrics made from Olefin have exceptional moisture resistance due to the synthetic nature of their fibres.

Long lasting dye

When making Olefin, get colored before or during the melting process, the solution dye is added to the chemicals. Colors are preserved in a permanent state.



Automobile interior,  outdoor bean bags, etc.

Home decor 

Furniture cushion, rugs and throw pillow etc. 

Care Instruction 

  • Usually, this fabric is easy to clean as water flaws off it instead of sticking to it,
  • But for oil based stain, you have to wash it off; you can use machine wash to clean this up,
  • Remember to hang it while drying it.
Olefin Fiber

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