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What is Tissue Fabric? 

  • Silk or man-made fibers are used to create the delicate fabric known as "tissue fabric."
  • They are distinguished by the use of golden or silver threads in the weaving process.
  • Katan Silk, Cotton, or Kora Silk are the three types of warp that are most often used. The final combinations have a gloss on the cloth, but each one has a very different feel to it.
  • It is made in many bright colors, and the finished products are used to make sarees and other clothes for women.
  • Kota tissue and Uppada tissue are the forms of tissue fabric that are the most well-known.
Tissue Fabric


  • There is no specific history regarding the origin of this fabric.
  • However, the Kota tissue fabric is indigenous to the Indian state of Rajasthan.
  • Andhra Pradesh in India is the origin of the fabric made of Uppada tissue.
Tissue Fabric

What Makes it Stand Out 


Tissue fabric is slightly rough & crisp in texture.


The fabric gives a slightly structured drape to the outfits. 


The appearance of the fabric is elegant due to its shimmery nature.


The fabric is translucent and lightweight. 


Applications & Usage 

  • Fabric is used for making sarees, dresses, and other types of women's occasion clothing.

Care Instructions 

  • Only clean in a dry environment and avoid getting any substances, especially fragrances, on the fabric.
  • Alternate the folds often, and store them in materials made entirely of cotton.
  • Iron the fabric on the reverse side.
  • Avoid bleaching the product and exposing it to excessive heat and sunlight for extended periods of time. 
Tissue Fabric
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