Brands that are promoting plus size clothing

Brands that are promoting plus size clothing

Changes are being made in the fashion industry for those with larger frames, and it's about time. Of course the clothing brand still has a long way to go before it accepts plus-size bodies, but I'll say it nonetheless. If the last decade's progress toward plus-size acceptance is any indication of what the future decade will bring, then shopping for clothing won't be such a hassle.

We should also accommodate silhouettes that make individuals of all sizes feel like they are contributing to the discourse as we broaden the definition of what it means to be overweight in fashion and daily life. Brands should keep in mind this point while fabric sourcing. Young fashion designers are taking matters into their own hands by creating plus size-friendly companies and hubs for those who struggle to get fashionable, vintage clothing in their size. 

The imaginative aspect of clothing creation should be available to anyone. Thankfully, the market for garments that fit larger bodies is expanding.

Lets enlist some clothing brands that promote plus size fashion exclusively.


ASOS plus size clothing Brand

When it comes to economical and elegant clothing, ASOS is a veritable mecca. While the selection may not be as extensive as it is in the straight size collections, there are some exciting, vibrant designs and matching sets available in the plus size section.

So next time when you are looking for a cute print top then ASOS will be your destination.  

Big  Bud Press

Big--Bud-Press plus size clothing brand

Big Bud Press is anti-sweatshop and supports ethical and local production in addition to offering a wide range of sizes. The "basics" in their unisex lines, which include thermals, overalls, patterned jumpsuits, wrap shirts, and more, are all well-cut and structured. This clothing brand presents its wares with specifics on fit, materials, and colour, and it has the great advantage of showcasing its products on models of varying sizes. 

Tamara Malas

Tamara-Malas plus size clothing brand

The knits, quilted patterns, velvety soft fabrics, and bold statement items from the Tamara Malas brand exude an impressive "primary character" vibe. Since the brand's namesake and creator, Tamara Malas, is a curvy woman herself, customers know that the designs are manufactured responsibly and that they will fit properly. Don't be afraid to wear a patchwork dress that will always win you praises; instead, embrace the vivid designs and pieces. 


Henning plus size clothing brand

Henning specialises in plus size essentials and wardrobe staples that make any person feel as expensive as they appear, with an emphasis on well-tailored and elegant working clothes. When the founder was working as a fashion editor, she frequently found herself to be the only plus-size woman in the room. On its website, Henning advertises sizes up to a 26, but customers may take advantage of pre-order possibilities to get an even wider range of sizes.

Loud bodies 

Loud-bodies plus size clothing brand

Express your confidence in your physique by dressing to show it off. Founder Patricia Luiza Blaj wanted to show that "true style has no size" by creating a line of fabric that was made in an ethical manner. There are gowns and patterns in a wide variety of styles and pricing points that are both fun and elegant. The quality of the fit is a strength of this brand. Comfort and sophistication are clearly prioritised while designing the ranges. 


Wray plus size clothing brand

Wray Serna, the company's founder and head designer, has made it a priority to cater to customers of all sizes from day one. Designed in New York City, each piece accommodates a wide range of body types and sexual orientations. Many of the designs have a vibe of a fabric of abstract painting, with their use of geometric forms and symmetrical, blocky patterns. 

Ava and Viv

Ava-and-Viv plus size clothing brand

Target's Ava & Viv line follows fashion trends and provides essential building blocks for every wardrobe with its on-trend designs and versatile styles, patterns, and fabrics. Whether you're going for a monochromatic look or want to layer up in style, you can choose from a wide variety of sweaters, jackets, blouses, and graphic shirts in a wide range of colours and shapes. You can acquire a great sweater without breaking the bank since everything is so cheap.


Honore plus size clothing brand

11 Honoré is committed to bridging the gap between designers and their plus size clientele, making it simple to locate luxurious goods. The online shop caters to customers who need clothing in larger sizes, and it provides brands like Carolina Herrera and Mara Hoffman in addition to 11 Honoré's own creative designs.

Universal standards 

Universal-standards plus size clothing brand

Universal Standard has the most extensive collection of high-quality plus-size jeans available, including both timeless and modern designs. Amazingly, denim fabric is available in a wide variety of washes, allowing you to stock up on the perfect pair of jeans for every occasion.  


What is the most flattering style for plus-size?

Tunic tops, V neck t-shirts, high waist denim, A line skirts, skinny jeans, long cardigans and maxi outfits are some of the clothing that you can wear to look flatter.

What luxury brands carry plus size?

As described above these brands carry plus size clothes as their USP. However, Bloomingdales, Rent The Runway, Good American, Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren and Anthropologie are few brands from which you can buy plus size clothing. 


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