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Sustainable Fabric

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    119 products

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    Sustainability has come a long way in the past ten years. Every day, people are discovering more and more possibilities for us to switch to more sustainable and eco-friendly paths in every area of our lives as humans. And the textile industry did not stay behind in this path to a better world. There are many ways to switch to alternative fashion, and the best one is to switch to eco-friendly textiles.

    Choosing sustainable fabric and organic fabric instead of your go-to ones will help make a big and positive impact in the environment as every year 5 to 7% of the global waste is from the textile industry as many fabrics can take years to break down completely to be able to decompose.Β 

    We have a very good range to choose from when it comes to eco-friendly clothing materials. This range consists of Kala cotton, banana fiber, bamboo fiber, soybean fiber and organic cotton fabric. What makes them an eco-friendly fabric is a combination of how the main raw material was cultivated and the fact these are all biodegradable. In the case of many of the sustainable alternative fabrics we provide, be it natural cotton fiber or bamboo fiber, they are cultivated without any synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or GMOs. The method of procuring the fiber from the plants is similar in these options. They’re all procured 100% organically and without any chemicals. The fibers are then blended with organic cotton to be made into fabric. Besides being great slow fashion and sustainable alternatives, eco-friendly textiles also provide other benefits like being very good absorbents, moisture-wicking, comfortable and being able to adapt to different weather conditions. The thought of wearing something so soothing and of your liking with a subconscious knowledge of how it was made and how sustainably the fabric was made really puts one in a blissful mindset.Β 

    Your love for mother Earth should not make you make a compromise on your love for fashion, and that's why we have a diverse range in sustainable cotton - fiber blends you can choose from online at Fabriclore. You can shop from the minimalistic plains, striped and checked fabrics to the colorful hand-blocked and hand-dyed ones. Now it's time for you to channel your love for sustainability and fashion however you want as creativity is an eternal force.

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