Feed The World This Christmas Season

Feed The World This Christmas Season

We create living by what we receive. We create a life by what we give. For this, there isn’t a better time than the holiday season of Christmas. 

Christmas is the time for exchanging gifts and getting merry on mulled wine. Along with this, it is ofcourse the season of goodwill, helping those who are going through tough times and people who are having difficulty making end meet. 

So why not this Christmas spend some time helping people who are in need? Here are some ways by which you can do it. Your kindness is not limited to these, you can share happiness in your own way as well. 



Volunteering is one of the most selfless acts you can do this season. This selfless act of transforming people’s lives can bring meaningful change and memories. 

You can give a hand at a charity shop, volunteer for a charity helpline, or help wrap gifts for specially-abled children. 

Feed People who are working during Christmas

Feed People who are working during Christmas

Ofcourse, it is the holiday season but many of us will be working during Christmas. These people are healthcare workers, police officers, retail workers, etc. 

During their working hours, you can bring them food, and clothing and cheer them up. Little gestures like this can make a big difference. 

You can give them winter clothes as they will be working in this chilly weather. Outfits curated from wool fabric, tweed fabric, and shawls are some of the things you can give them. 

Bring Christmas gifts from social initiative companies

Bring Christmas gifts from social initiative companies

During the holiday season, several companies pledge to donate. These could be in any form whether sponsoring meals for the needy or donating to social initiative organizations. Numerous organizations as well as e-commerce companies display their charity offerings on their websites. You can check for such organizations while buying gifts online. 

Spend some time with an elderly person

Spend time with the elderly

With such fast going life we all have felt loneliness our lives. Do you know, according to the statistics, it has been stated that two out of five elderly people feel lonely and isolated which can lead to depression? Especially during such festive season, they feel lonely. You can make their occasion just by spending some time with them, or volunteering them with their chores. 

Shop from local stores

Shop from local stores

The Covid-19 has made small business owner’s life difficult. The opening of shops after pandemic let people go for online shopping rather than buying them traditionally. Many businesses haven’t reopen after pandemic due to the cost. 

So shop locally and buy food, clothing and other decorative material from traditional stores, this will spread love and care.


How can I help people around Christmas?

Place sticky notes with encouraging remarks in public locations. Sing Christmas carols, play board games, or just pay a visit to older folks in nursing homes. Provide babysitting services for new parents. Give the gift of time and care for their children so that the new parents can have a date night or finish their Christmas shopping.

What was the original purpose of celebrating Christmas?

Christmas was historically a Christian celebration commemorating Jesus' birth, but in the early twentieth century, it also became a secular family holiday celebrated by both Christians and non-Christians.

Why giving is important in Christmas?

According to Christian tradition, the practise of giving presents during Christmastide is symbolic of the Three Wise Men presenting gifts to the newborn Jesus.


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