Off-White : An Italian Luxury Fashion Label

Off-White : An Italian Luxury Fashion Label

The most famed brand was earlier founded as PYREX VISION, and its founder is Virgil Abloh, who is an American fashion designer. Its first steps were based in Milan in 2012, later in the next year, it was rebranded as Off-White. It is an Italian luxury fashion label that describes itself as the grey area between black and white as the shade off-white in the fashion industry. The brand has showcased its collection at various places including Paris Fashion Week. Moreover, they have sold their products in retail stores in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Milan, London, the United Kingdom, and New York. 

A Brand Which Left Marks In Every Heart

A Brand Which Left Marks In Every Heart

Virgil Abloh was a creative director, Dj, architect, serial collaborator, and amplifier for the voice of the black community. But unfortunately, he died in the year 2021 but the reasons were unknown. Later on, in his place, Ib Kamara was appointed as the art and image director for Off–White in April 2022.    

Dazzling collection at Paris Fashion Week by Off-White

Dazzling collection at Paris Fashion Week by Off-White

During the show, many big shots came to pay tribute to the late designer Virgil Abloh. Celebrities that were lined up were, Carla Bruni, Cindy Crawford, Serena Williams, Rihanna, A$AP Rocky, CEOs of Louis Vuitton and New Guards Group, and various other designers were there. 

Dazzling collection at Paris Fashion Week by Off-White

The collection was called ‘Spaceship Earth: An Imaginary Experience’. But the big news in this was that it launched the ’High Fashion’ line. It was an haute couture for the Gen-Z set, termed by the casual attitude. It was designed by Virgil himself and completed by his creative team and collaboration with whom he worked. 

The show opened with a ready-to-wear collection. Moreover, these 28 fashion looks were showcased with a lot of embroidery, handmade veils, or trains. But this was not it, there was a long story behind these looks, which is more meaningful. The looks were an ode to his friend Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie B. showcased with an enormous shopping bag. Moreover, there was a serious message about Virgil’s health struggle that was kept so intensely secret, in Cindy Crawford’s two handbags. On one hand, a bag was printed as MORE LIFE. On the other hand, was a bag full of red and white pill capsules.             



Off-White collaborated with fashion brands and designers such as Nike, Levi, Jimmy Choo, Ikea, Umbro, Boys Noize, Chrome Hearts, ASAP Rocky, Kerwin Frost, and many more. 

In the Fall of 2016, and Winter of 2017, the company collaborated with Levi’s main line, Made and Crafted, and released twelve pieces of which six were unisex. Later on, they collaborated with Nike and worked on a project named ‘The Ten’ which is a  sneaker collection featuring Air Jordans, Converse, Nike Air Max, Nike Air Force One, and Nike Blazers shoes. 

In addition, the company merged with Champion in the year 2017 and created sixteen items of clothing, including tracksuits, hoodies, fleeces, and t-shirts. Moreover, the same year another collaboration was with ASAP Rocky with his label AWGE. 

Sunglasses hut-

But this was not the end in 2018, they partnered with Jimmy Choo to create the Spring/Summer collection which was inspired by Lady Diana, the former princess of Wales. Furthermore, the same year another partnership was with Ikea on furniture targeting the millennials. And Sunglasses Hut on a unisex line. In addition, also with Rimowa on a transparent suitcase in a limited edition. 

jimmy choo

In 2019, workout clothes were launched with SSENSE. Also, worked with the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago to create a ‘University Blue’ color for the Nike Air Force One.      

From shoes to women's wear, menswear, and bags they all have a personal touch of Virgil’s soul and passion for creating exceptional fashion.


Is Off-White updating its look?

The brand has already updated its logo a few days ago. From diagonal stripes, directional arrows, and question marks to a face silhouette with a hand under each word, is its new logo.         

How Off-White shaped fashion culture?

Off-White brings forth a renewed sense of reverence for streetwear by solidifying its place amongst other high fashion brands. Moreover, by creating a style from his personal experiences and inspirations from his past works. In addition, its earlier logo with diagonal lines will remind everyone of Virgil Abloh. Subtle clothing and designs on shoes by keeping the original look of it also intact.   

What is Off-White? A brief history of the fashion brand.

Off-White is an Italian luxury fashion label that was founded by Virgil Abloh. Which was incorporated in Milan in 2012. Earlier the company was known as PYREX VISION later on in the year 2013 its name was changed to Off-white. But the exceptional designs were carried till 2021 as in this year Virgil passed away. Now the new art and image director for Off-White is Ib Kamara. 


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