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What is Fleece Fabric?

  • Fleece blend fabric is a kind of cloth that is fluffy and has a napped surface.
  • It's a cozy fabric that may be made from a variety of different materials.
  • Despite the fact that the material was named after the sheep's fleece coat, it is not fully made of natural materials.
  • The vast majority of fleece fabrics sold in stores today is made of polyester fibers; however, fleece fabric can also be made of cotton, hemp, and rayon fibers.
Fleece Fabric


  • The first fleece cloth was invented in the 1970s by Malden Mills when they developed polyester fleece. This material served as the foundation for the creation of all current fleece. 
  • Formerly renowned for its production of fake fur and wool clothing, Malden Mills sought to imitate the insulating properties of these materials without the drawbacks associated with using genuine wool (e.g. being wet when heavy, and needing sheep to create it).
  • Patagonia, a firm that specializes in producing clothes for outdoor activities, collaborated with Malden Mills to launch Synchilla fleece, which is a durable fabric with a pile that is designed to resemble wool.
  • The founder of Malden, Aaron Feuerstein, came to the conclusion that fleece should not be patented. As a result, fleece is now widely available and can be purchased at a reasonable cost. 
  • Today, the firm continues to produce the world-famous fleece cloth it was known for in the past while operating under the brand PolarTec.

Fleece Fabric Online

What Makes it Stand Out?


It is soft and has napped texture


The fleece material is not suitable for draping.


If you prioritize comfort, selecting fleece as your fabric of choice is the best option. It keeps you warm, has a nice appearance, is durable, and, best of all, is lightweight enough that you won't be burdened with extra weight as you go about your day.


Fleece material does not pill or fray as quickly as other materials.

Applications & Uses


Shirts, coats, sweaters, etc.

Home Furnishing

Blankets, cushion covers, etc.


Hats, gloves, etc.

New Age Innovations

  • These days, recycled plastic may also be used in the production of fleece material. When it has cooled, the liquid plastic is solidified into thread after passing through the spinneret, which is a metal disk with a grid of microscopic holes in it. After that, fleece cloth is produced using this thread.

Care Instructions 

  • When you wash the fleece fabric, you should only use cold water.
  • While washing it in a machine, be sure to ash it in a delicate mode.
  • It is not a good idea to wash the fleece fabrics with other dark-colored fabrics since it could be difficult to remove the lint from the fleece material.
  • It is recommended to air dry the fabric.
  • It is strongly recommended that neither bleach nor fabric softeners be used.
Fleece Fabric

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