7 Outfits From FRIENDS That Are Trending in 2022

7 Outfits From FRIENDS That Are Trending in 2022

It is not often that one can look back on classic television series and have favorable things to say about the aesthetic decisions that were made. On the other hand, if we revisit the popular sitcom from the '90s, Friends, we get an altogether different vibe. 

And since many of us have made it a habit this year to spend our lunch breaks working from home while watching the epic series, we have been turning to the super six for an altogether new kind of style inspiration.

Although we may remember this group most for their slip dresses and power suits, they were certainly not strangers to isolation-worthy comfies throughout their time on the show.

In addition to the hilarious gags that were on the program, the ensembles that the characters wore became a trend that lasted throughout the decade.

In the year 2021, when a significant portion of the fashion from the 1990s is making a long-overdue comeback, the iconic fashion statement outfits worn by the three female leads, particularly those worn by Rachel Green, the quintessential fashionista, are looked upon for some inspiration regarding sassy styles.

Let us share with you the greatest looks from the Friends TV program that we are always obsessing on, as well as methods that we can help you recreate those looks with a twist that is unique to Alter Ego. Shall we begin with the Friends outfit that Rachel wore that we adored over the show's whole run of ten seasons?

  • The One with Rachel's Green Slit Dress 

The One with Rachel's Green Slit Dress

Fans have good cause to see slip dresses appearing increasingly often on their Instagram feeds as the platform's popularity continues to grow. Because of the dress's widespread popularity, a number of contemporary boutiques have attempted to design their own versions that are similar to the original.

Fans of the program are more likely to remember Rachel Green in this iconic dress than in any other ensemble she has worn since it includes a classic silhouette with a slit in the thigh region and a figure-flattering middle piece. Due to its straightforward and ageless style, a classic dress like this one may undoubtedly still be seen being worn today.

You can also recreate this dress with any plain Satin fabric or our Glam Edit collection and voila you will be set to look like Rachel!

  • The One with Joey's Leather Jacket

The One with Joey's Leather Jacket

This is shown by the fact that Joey's traditional outer layer, a leather jacket, has stood the test of time.

As Joey was an aspiring actor throughout the greater part of the series, he was always trying to one-up himself in the fashion department. A leather jacket that is both stylish and cool could get him noticed among those in the business as well as would garner the attention of women. 

Fans seem to appreciate Joey's staple leather jacket the most, which makes each time that he wears it among of Joey's greatest ensembles on Friends. Although Joey has numerous stylish looks throughout the series, fans tend to adore his leather jacket the most.

  • The One with Monica's Baggy Button-Up Shirts

The One with Monica's Baggy Button-Up Shirts

Monica, who is often seen in more laid-back attire, has really outdone herself with looks like this. Even though it's a simple garment, a button-up shirt made from cotton fabric is an excellent piece of outfit to have on hand for a number of reasons.

There are a ton of different clothing combinations that one can construct with a roomy dress shirt, and Monica Geller’s outfits always showed us the way. As she had an air of easy cuteness throughout her whole life, she could make even the most conventional dress appear as if it belonged in a fashion magazine.

  • The One with Rachel's Business Outfit

The One with Rachel's Business Outfit

Due to Rachel Green's status as a fashion icon, there is a good probability that her followers have seen this same outfit on their own Pinterest boards. It is only logical that many people would want to draw inspiration from Rachel herself given the current tendency among younger people to make business casual more stylish.

This look strikes the ideal mix between professional and fashionable thanks to the collared shirt and traditional winter boots. It is an ideal outfit for the autumn season, particularly considering that the skirt is worn with other pieces of clothes that are normally considered to be warmer.

  • The One with Chandler's Sweater Vests

The One with Chandler's Sweater Vests

In the most recent few years, sweater vests have become more popular, particularly among the group of women who shop at thrift stores. Despite the fact that they were formerly considered to be part of the "nerdy" look, almost everyone today wears them.

Even though Chandler doesn't put too much effort into his attire, but it still looks good on him, he is consistently one of the most stylish characters on Friends. He is particularly well-known for his penchant for wearing sweaters and vests. His tone is rather more serious and intellectual, yet it still has an air of lightheartedness.

  • The One with Phoebe's Maxi Dress

The One with Phoebe's Maxi Dress

Phoebe was frequently considered the queen of this style, which consisted of layering a maxi dress with a shirt beneath. This was one of the most popular fashion trends of the 1990s. With her background in hippie and bohemian style, she inspired her followers all over the world to experiment with this look, which is currently making a comeback.

Many of Phoebe's followers were able to easily pull cues from a variety of her outfits because of the fact that her sense of style was both eccentric and adaptable. It is difficult to compare the diverse styles of the cast members of Friends; yet, some may say that Phoebe wears the most fashionable clothes on the show.

  • The One with Rachel’s Plaid Skirt

The One with Rachel’s Plaid Skirt

Rachel is known for having a style that is both stylish and wearable, with her clothing never being too showy but always being just the perfect amount of trendy for the audience. 

When you are in dire need of a new winter wardrobe, this style that Rach is wearing is the ideal source of inspiration for you to turn to. It should not be difficult to get this look since Checked-plaid skirts are extremely trending at the moment; all you need is a basic turtleneck that is not too thick and a plaid skirt! 

You can also re-create the skirt with either wool or tweed fabric and style it just like Rachel! 

So, here were the outfits that are favourite characters in Friends wore and inspired us to dress-up like them. You can re-create them from Fabriclore’s widest range of fabrics and style your wardrobe with elegance!

 Here's a video of tried All the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Looks by Ok Tested


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