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Chiniya Silk

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What is Chiniya Silk Fabric? 

  • Chiniya silk is comparable to Katan silk, which shines more brilliantly than silk. However, Chiniya silk has the benefit of being able to be colored after weaving, similar to how chiffon sarees are dyed.
  • Banaras is known for the production of Chiniya silk fabric, which is used to make sarees. Chiniya is the name of the innovative new kind of silk thread that was used in the creation of this hand-woven saree.
  • Because it is woven with two distinct kinds of thread, it can be worn with ease throughout either the winter or the summer.
Chiniya Silk Fabric


  • The first Chiniya silk, which is used to make sarees, was made in Banaras.
  • When they were first made, Chiniya sarees were made in the natural white color.
  • Many weavers of Banarasi sarees saw their businesses suffer financially as a result of the industrial revolution that took place in England in the 19th century.
  • The weavers of Banaras blended several techniques to create Chiniya pattu sarees, which helped restore the textile industry. 
Chiniya Silk Fabric

What Makes it Stand Out 


The fabric is soft and lightweight.


It gives a decent drape to the outfit.


The fabric can be dyed even after weaving.


Applications & Usage 

  • Used in the creation of sarees, lehengas, and other types of clothing for parties and weddings.

Care Instructions 

  • Only for dry cleaning.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure.
  • Iron the fabric on a silk setting. 
Chiniya Silk Fabric

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