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What is Kataan Silk? 

  • Kataan Silk fabric is made by twisting various pure silk filaments, which makes it sturdy and durable.
  •  It is handwoven using silk warp and weft. 
  • Kataan is a luxurious and extremely versatile fabric. 
Kataan Silk

Types of Kataan Fabric

Kataan Brocade

Made with gold buttis and crosswise threads

Kataan Butidar

Made with only gold buttis on fabric and with mixed fabrics.

Kataan Butidar Paga

Made with crosswise threads on a loom and gold butti work.


  • The origin of Kataan fabric goes back to Persia and women from Mughal Empire wear luxuriously designed clothes using Kataan Silk fabric.
  • Nur Jahan Begum always resembled for designing and popularizing new fashion and designs using Kataan Silk fabric.
Kataan Silk Fabric

What Makes it Stand Out


Kataan silk is a very comfy fabric and can be worn on hot days. 


It is a delicate and soft fabric.


Kataan fabric is a luxurious fabric with shine and indicated embroidery.

Application & Usage 


Suits, lehengas, saree, etc.


Handbag, clutch, etc.

New Age Innovations 

  • Nowadays, some of the most widely used forms of Kataan silk include the following:
  • Kataan Jal Set: Also known as Jangla, this type has floral motifs or patterns all over the fabric.
  • Kataan Buti Zari Resham: Kataan Butidar has now created Kataan Buti Zari Resham, which is the same fabric with a few style innovations to give it a more modern look. 
  • These innovations are mostly aesthetic and can vary from garment to garment.
  • Other popular variants used these days are Kataan stripes and checks, which have been seen recently on the runway.

Care Instructions 

  • Simple wash in cold water with mild detergent.
  • Do not dry fabric in direct sunlight to avoid fading of the fabric.
  • Iron using a cotton cloth over it.
Kataan Silk Fabric Online
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