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Fabriclore is an online market that showcases modern textiles as well as traditional Indian textiles. Our team collaborates closely with weavers, dyers, and manufacturers in India to develop innovative designs for woven textiles via printing, dyeing, and weaving techniques. Let's take a look at some of our exclusive collections.

Our most recent collection of fabrics comprises the Woven Cotton Double Ikat, sourced from the historical town of Pochampally. This collection is offered in a wide variety of yarn-dyed hues, including orange, blue, red, magenta, black, and many more. To attain a level of refinement in the design, the individual yarns are dyed first, and only then weaved together to form the traditional hazy zig-zag and rectangle patterns.

For the first time, Fabriclore offers an exclusive line of sustainable cotton soybean fabrics. In order to create the fiber used in our premium Organic Collection, soybean peels and stems were processed into the fiber using a chemical-free and entirely organic approach and then spun with cotton fibers. Fabrics made from soybeans, which are environmentally friendly and ideal for both warm and chilly regions, provide a variety of distinctive qualities.

The inside lining is so smooth that it's been compared to silk, and the soybean fabric is very sensitive and fragile. However, the fabric's breathability and ability to drain away moisture make it more comfortable to wear in warm weather.