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Nubuck Leather Fabric

Nubuck Leather Fabric

What is Nubuck LeatherΒ  Nubuck is a kind of leather that is utilised to create various leather products, Leather used to make nubuck was originally made from buckskin either from deer or elks, It ...

Cashmere WoolCashmere Wool - Fabriclore

Cashmere Wool

What is Cashmere Wool?Β  Wool from cashmere goats and pashmina goats are both considered to be cashmere wool.Β  Most of the time, it is cut from the goats' underbellies or the area around their neck...

ClothingTissue Fabric - Fabriclore

Tissue Fabric

What is Tissue Fabric?Β  Silk or man-made fibers are used to create the delicate fabric known as "tissue fabric." They are distinguished by the use of golden or silver threads in the weaving proces...

CuproCupro Fabric - Fabriclore

Cupro Fabric

What is Cupro Fabric?Β  Cupro is a "regenerated cellulose" fabric created from cotton waste. It is manufactured from the very tiny silky cotton fibers, known as a linter, that stick out of the cott...

CalicoCalcio Fabric - Fabriclore

Calico Fabric

What is Calico Fabric? Calico fabric is a plain fabric created from half-processed and unbleached cotton fibers. It's a rough and coarse fabric, but it's not as durable as denim or canvas, and it'...

Beta ClothBeta Cloth Fabric

Beta Cloth Fabric

What is Beta Cloth? Beta cloth is a type of fireproof silica fiber cloth that was used in the production of Apollo/Skylab A7L space suits, the Apollo Thermal Micrometeoroid Garment, the McDivitt P...

BaldachinBaldachin Fabric - Fabriclore

Baldachin Fabric

What is Baldachin Fabric? The term "Baldachin" is derived from the name of a rich fabric that was originally produced in Baghdad. This name is where the word "baudekin" and other spellings of the ...