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Sharkskin fabric

Sharkskin fabric

What is Sharkskin fabric? The term Sharkskin is used in a generic sense for either a woven fabric or a wrap-knitted fabric that reflects the image of sharkskin.Ā  Sharkskin fabric varies depending...

FabricShantung Fabric

Shantung Fabric

What is Shantung fabric? Curated with either silk fibers or some other synthetic fibers, shantung is a heavy fabric that is meant for substituting cotton filaments. In place of any intricate wea...

FabricScuba Fabric

Scuba Fabric

What is Scuba Fabric? Scuba is a thick and resilient double-knit fabric fabricated from the fibers of polyester which comprise two-way stretch.Ā  It is also known as Neoprene Scuba fabric. The fa...

FabricSailcloth fabric

Sailcloth fabric

What is Sailcloth fabric? Sailcloth is a form of strong canvas fabric wherein its usage depends upon the weight of the material. The heavier sailcloth was used in tents, and sailing, on the other ...

FabricSaxony fabric

Saxony fabric

What is Saxony fabric? Saxony fabric is made from a type of wool that originated in a town in Germany.Ā  The fibers of the fabric basically originated from the merino sheep.Ā  It is a very fine and ...

FabricPonte Fabric

Ponte Fabric

What is Ponte Fabric? The Ponte fabric is made from a combination of polyester, rayon, and spandex.Ā  It's a double knit that has some give to it but yet retains its structure.Ā  These two qualities...

FabricPeau de Peche

Peau de Peche

What is Peau de Peche? The term originated from the French, meaning 'skin of peach'.Ā  It is a midweight polyester fabric that is processed in order to feel like the rind of a peach.Ā  The fabric is...

FabricPolybenzimidazole Fabric

Polybenzimidazole Fabric

What is Polybenzimidazole Fabric?Ā  Polybenzimidazole fabric is a synthetic fabric that has a very high decomposition temperature. It does not have a melting point, has remarkable thermal and ch...