Maternity Fashion Guide: Top 10 Fashion Tips For Expectant Moms

Maternity Fashion Guide: Top 10 Fashion Tips For Expectant Moms - Fabriclore

Being a mother is one of the most fulfilling experiences one can have. It is a divine and transforming process that gives you one the most beautiful feeling in the world. But pregnancy also tests the physical limits of one’s body and can cause the expectant mother some discomfort at times.

One of the ways to ease the process is by choosing comfortable clothing and fabrics that are well suited to the weather and climate of your town. Hear our say on keeping expecting mothers comfortable.

Let's start with Fabrics. The base of any outfit is the perfect fabric. To choose a fabric there are many factors involved such as weather, ease of wear, and comfort level.

Here are our top favourites for both summer and winter pregnancies:

Summer fabrics ☀️


Linen is a great fabric for hotter climates, owing to its almost weightless nature. It’s the best pick for summers as well, as it allows easy flow of air and keeps the wearer cool due to its porous nature as well as the way the fabric is woven. It’s also good at absorbing sweat and moisture-wicking, which ensures that the fabric will stay dry. Although new and fresh linen is quite stiff, it gets softer as one wears it, much like pure cotton.

Linen fabric


Cotton is another favourite summer fabric around the world. It is extremely versatile and is available in a variety of forms, ranging from stretchy t-shirt material to naturally woven cotton. Almost all forms of cotton are good for summer and have lightweight, moisture-wicking properties which are preferred by expectant mothers. But Organic Cotton tops the chart when it comes to softness & skin-friendliness. Give it a try!

Cotton Fabric


A smooth & flowy fabric, Rayon is a synthetically generated fabric that uses natural sources such as wood pulp and cellulose. It is a very soft, light and absorbent material, & can easily be manipulated into different dress patterns. 

There's more to rayon, the antimicrobial touch. Antimicrobial Fabric essentially resists the hazardous microbes and prevent them from getting accumulated in our cloth surface. You can read more about it here. Another gem of safety with comfort & flowy fall.

Antimicrobial Rayon


Winter Fabrics ❄️


Flannel is a woven fabric that often uses a mix of cotton and wool yarns. It’s extremely soft and is often used to make sleepwear, blankets and throws owing to its comfort. Flannel is a perfect fabric for winter pregnancies as it gives one the effect of wearing Pajamas all day long, and who doesn’t want that! Flannel is a great choice as it is durable and with the right clothing choices, it can last well past the first pregnancy.

Flannel Fabric


Wool is the natural choice for winter wear, and winter maternity clothes are no exception. The fabric is thick and woven in a way to resist cold weather and ultimately keep both the mother and the baby warm and happy. There are different varieties of wool, with different fibre blends. While 100% wool might make our skin irritated, a blend of cotton, silk, etc can make it feel better for the skin & keep you warm.

Wool Silk Fabric



Denim is a good fabric for withstanding the cold, and is now widely available in a number of varieties, including ultra-stretch denim and poly-denim mix fabrics. This is favoured by expecting mothers owing to the comfort of fit and the durability of the material. Don't forget Denim's classic charm that will keep you feeling trendy.

Denim Fabric


Now that we’ve covered the best fabric choices to adorn you during your pregnancy, here are some of our favourite dress patterns and silhouettes for expecting and new mothers alike!


Shirt dress or Shift dress

This is best for summer with fabrics such as cotton and linen, as it allows the wearer to stay cool and breezy. It is also perfect for maternity wear, as the boxy silhouette accommodates the bump with ease. Shirt dresses are also very practical as postnatal clothing and are nursing friendly. The best part? They can be worn casually even after the pregnancy, and you can add some oomph to the outfit by accessorizing with a belt!


Empire Waist

A close-fitting just beneath the bust is what we call an Empire Waist. Both, empire waist dresses and Kurtis are great options for a fancy maternity outfit, and flowing pleats add some elegance to the outfit. They are also good for maternity wear as they comfortably nestle the bump with a flowy grandeur. If you have celebrations lined up, this design will add-on to your maternity glow.

Pro Tip: Go for Floral designs, it will complement the flow of your attire.


Ethnic Touch

We can't do without our love for ethnic wear & pregnancy pushes us to pick comfort over style. But don't worry you don't have to compromise on your look. We have picked the 3 best ethnic silhouettes

  1. Angrakha style Kurti
  2. Fared Peplum with palazzo
  3. Anarkali with jacket

A lightweight fabric like Chanderi or Organza will give a subtle shine to your look while keeping the garment weight in check.

Tank top and Tank dresses

A great pick for the summer, Tank tops or dresses is the best casual option. A tank top goes well with comfortable loose skirts and pants, while tank dresses go well with leggings. For chilly weather, you can team it up with more layers like jackets, shrugs & shawls.


Get these versatile attires tailormade with your favourite fabrics as they will suit you post-maternity too. Just add a chic waist belt & stay in vogue with your little one.

Tell us in the comments below which fabric is the most comfortable for you.

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Debjani Das

I like cotton and linen the most. Obviously I love woollen during winter months. Article is good enough for all.

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