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Denim Fabric

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    3 products

    Denim is a sturdy fabric that is made using a twill weave. It has a subtle pattern in diagonal lines. The cotton twill fabric has a warp-facing pattern which means that the weft threads go under the warp threads whereas the warp yarns can prominently be seen on the right side. Such a diagonal ribbing pattern makes the denim fabric distinct from cotton duck as well as canvas fabric. 

    Basically, the word denim came from the English colloquialism of the French word “De-nim”. It was first fabricated in Nimes, France, and was originally known as serge de Nimes. The fabric became famous in the United States in 1853 during the Gold Rush when a store was opened by Levi Strauss in San Fransico. Within the store, he use to sell dry goods as well as threads, canvas for tents, and buttons. 

    He started making pants that are durable and specifically for miners with huge pockets for keeping gold. One of the customers of Strauss, Jacob Davis added copper rivets to the pocket corners along with seams which gave extra strength to the outfit. The fabric further got patented by David and Strauss making it a mainstream fashion item. 

    The denim fabric has remained the most widely used fabric to date. With a great amount of technologies available Fabriclore has taken a step ahead. We have brought a collection of sustainable denim fabric with a combination of Tencel, and Cotton. This premium quality fabric is curated with 100% recycled water ensuring zero effluent discharge. Walk past, not with not just a pair of jeans but you can also craft various other ensembles like a top, dress, shirt, and so on.