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    Flannel is known for its softness and fuzzy appearance. It is a medium-weight cotton fabric that has a napped finish on either side. Such a look comes either from brushing or from its loose weaving. It has a cozy feel that makes it perfect during cold weather as it keeps warm and comfy. The fabric is often woven with various patterns specifically plaid and tartans. 

    While many fibers can be used to make flannel fabric, not all are suitable for it. For instance, silk can not be used to make flannel as it is too fine to be made into the fabric as it is supposed to be soft as well as insulative. 

    It has been believed that the term “Flannel” emerged from Wales. However, the word was most commonly used by people in France in the form of “flannelle” during the early 17th century. While the fabric was periodically famous among the European and French people throughout the Enlightenment era, the interest has waned elsewhere while the use of flannel only increased. 

    Woven with thick cotton yarns & enhanced with brush strokes to reveal an extra soft feel, the flannel fabric will be your new favorite for the chilly season. Indulge in a snuggly feeling & Craft Your Story into classic shirts, dazzling dresses, skirts, blazers, jackets & more attires or sink into the coziness with blankets & sheets.