Red Carpet Highlights Of The Venice Film Festival

Red Carpet Highlights of The Venice Film Festival

You might be familiar with the Cannes Film Festival. However, the Venice International Film Festival began in 1932 in the Excelsior hotel in Venice, Italy, making it older than the French film festival. As a result of the festival, the city became known all over the world as a hotspot for A-list celebrities, cutting-edge artistic expression, and high-end entertainment.

The Venice Film Festival and the city itself are still two of the most star-studded events in the film and fashion industries today. Even though the Met Gala and the Oscars are two of the most talked-about fashion events of the year, visitors at international film festivals are said to take greater artistic liberties with their appearances, even with the black tie requirements. This is according to celebrity stylists such as Alexandra Imgruth.

Some very breathtaking trending fashion moments have already occurred during this year's Venice Film Festival, which runs from August 31st to September 10th. The Art Director of Marie Claire, Brittany Holloway-Brown, has even posted a photo of Jodie-Turner Smith wearing an ombré pantsuit on her inspiration board. Below are just a few of the many stunning ensembles seen during this year's 79th Venice Film Festival.

Ana De Armas

Ana de Armas

The actress attended the Venice Film Festival's worldwide premiere of "Blonde" on September 8, and she wore a gorgeous handmade pink Louis Vuitton gown. The gorgeous, glittering dress was designed by Samantha McMillen, and it had a plunging halter top with a belt that descended from the natural waist to one side. It's a dead ringer for Marilyn Monroe's iconic dress! Nicolas Ghesquière, the creative director of Louis Vuitton, designed the outfit, and the material is unquestionably the coolest.

Jodie Turner-Smith

Jodie Turner-Smith

Jodie Turner-Smith visit Venice for 2022 donned in a vibrant dress from Christopher John Rogers' resort 2023 collection, which had a corset-style top and a voluminous satin  skirt. She wore a necklace, bracelet, and rings all from Bulgari. Turner's look was developed by the fashion duo of Wayman Bannerman and Micah McDonald. 

Vanessa Kirby

Vanessa Kirby

On the red carpet, she wore a bright red rose bandeau, a skirt with roses, and a coat with roses on the shoulders, which made her stand out. At one point, she removed her coat, but it was much more flattering while she has it on. We really like the look and the color!

Florence Pugh 

Florence Pugh

Fashion icon Valentino Pugh wowed in a thigh-high slit, sequin sheer dress. She wore black Valentino pumps with a feathered embellishment and Tiffany & Co. jewelry. The outfit was put together by Rebecca Corbin-Murray.

Harry Styles 

Harry Styles

The most anticipated film of the Venice Film Festival may get as much backlash from the main man's first look as the set did from the actors themselves. For his role as Jack opposite Florence Pugh's Alice in Don't Worry Darling, Harry Styles wore a very sharp blue Gucci suit with an exaggerated turquoise collared shirt. A pair of vintage square-frame sunglasses were the finishing touch to his retro clothing. A handmade yellow chiffon  Gucci gown with a ruffled hem and stunning crystal fringe was worn by the film's director and Styles' girlfriend, Olivia Wilde.


Why is the Venice Film Festival important?

Venice Film Festival is the oldest and the most prestigious film festival in the world.

How long does the Venice Film Festival last?

This year the film festival was held from 31 August to 10 September 2022.

Where is the Venice Film Festival 2022?

Venice Film Festival 2022 was organized at Lido di Venezia.


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