Interlinking Of Fashion With Environmental Effects

Interlinking of Fashion With Environmental Effects

The fashion industry is like an iceberg, from the outside it is hard to make out how big it is under the water. Fashion industry is filled up with retailers, online stores, design houses, fashion magazines, and more. However,  when it comes to fashion shows there is a lot more than this from craftspeople, models, stylists, make-up artists, photographers, and others. They too play a major role in the fashion industry, as it is one of the sources of attracting customers. 

Retail Houses


Currently, many industries are consumer-focused, which means they produce fashion very quickly, to have a hold on customers. The fashion industry and the involvement of customers are continuously evolving. A few years back traditional clothes were sold in shops, boutiques, or departmental stores.

But in the late 20th century the internet made a drastic change in the procedure of selling out garments. Now, many shops have websites to sell clothing online so that they can showcase their collection online and sell directly to the consumers. Websites are also a means through which people are creating a brand of themselves by raising their profiles. Apart from this these days, some brands do not have a physical location and are only selling online. 

Although for consumers it is an advantage as they do not have to go anywhere. With just one click they can have everything, from shoes to bags, clothing, and a lot more. Moreover, another advantage is that in one place all old to new brands' collections can be seen and in that also you can have customization. And there is no need to stick to only a limited stock. 

Marketing Strategies 


Nobody would have ever known about fast fashion clothing brands if the media was not there. Technology has given a boost to all these things, and fashion designers of fast fashion have taken this as a platform to promote themselves. Earlier when mobiles and televisions weren’t there, at that time people were fond of magazines, to have all the gossip of the industry.  In the late eighteenth century, the first dedicated fashion magazine appeared and flourished like anything. Hand-colored illustrations, articles, and advertisements were used to promote the new collection. But in the early 20th century, there was a rise in print media, which included fashion photography, and illustrated fashion magazines, for instance, vogue, and more.  

How Does Fashion Work? 


Fashion is a system that embraces the art and craft of the latest fashionable designs and also their consumption of it. The major contributing factor of this industry is the fashion designers, and along with them it also depends on the type of consumers. As taste differs from region to region and so fashion has to change itself. There are a few factors that create variations in fashion, such as at one moment hemlines are in fashion and in another moment they go out of it. And later on, they come back again. Another factor that drives fashion is either the political issues in which almost every piece of clothing you find will have slogans written on them. Or sometimes some celebrities take the lead and influence the fashion industry. But fashion changes itself according to the surroundings and every time produces clothes according to them.    

Sustainability Going To Dust 


People are switching more towards the environment these days. But in the fashion industry sustainability is a major issue these days. And fast fashion is violating all the norms and textile manufacturers are producing clothing made out of low-quality materials. Furthermore, its procedure is affecting the environment. Another factor is the practice of greenwashing which is spreading and creating a false impression that the company is producing environmentally friendly clothes.  

But a shift has been observed where there has been a rise in organic brands and people prefer sustainable consumption with low wastage.    


What does Fast Fashion mean, anyway?

Fast Fashion includes designing, and manufacturing methods that focus on rapidly producing high volumes of clothing. But the quality of the fabric used to make an item of clothing is very low-quality, which makes it a wear-and-throw-away garment.

What is the Fashion Industry?

The fashion industry is defined as the business of making clothes. Moreover, the only difference is that in this industry clothes are made of certain styles that are trending. Whereas, other normal wear garments are not considered in this. 

What challenges are faced by the US fashion industry in  2022?

The US fashion industry is facing some challenges, for instance, keeping in mind the environment. As well as the cost of the garment it is hard to make clothing. In addition, the focus should be on long-term sustainability and organic clothing.  


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