Fast Fashion: The Name Says It All!

Is Fast Fashion Good Or Bad?

The fashion industry is changing more than anything else in the current scenario. Numerous clothes are being made and disposed of regularly. And it isn’t that this has been happening since ever, it all started after the 1960s. Till that time per person, only fewer clothes were being purchased. Moreover, only 10% of an average American household spent on their clothing and footwear. But with the change in time, the numbers have increased as slowly textile mills started to open in other countries also, and hence the production rate increased. 

Affordable Prices Guaranteed


In countries such as China and throughout Asia and Latin America, mass production of cheap clothes was produced. In addition, to attract customers from across the globe, they gave a candy that garments will be manufactured quickly and at a low price. The reason behind low-cost production was that laborers were paid very less, and the material was also of low quality. But the problem for the United States came when they couldn’t compete with these new companies as their manufacturing was done in their hometown only, with high-quality fabrics. So the only option they were left was with to source it from outside.  

Fast Fashion Taking A Boom


What else a person needs if they are getting trendy clothes at a low price? 

It was like having a box of chocolates in hand. This was not the end, companies soon started releasing their collection seasonally. So consumers started buying more as it was pocket-friendly and new clothes were available every other day. But the focus was somewhere distracted, the initial reason was to do mass production but with every pro, there is a con. The disadvantage of this was clothing lost its durability and quality. 

Let’s Have A look At What Is Fast Fashion

Let’s have a look at what is Fast Fashion

Fast Fashion is generally described as clothing that is produced quickly, as soon as a new design comes it is made in masses. Moreover, the designs are predominantly taken from the fashion runways or clothing that is worn by a celebrity. 

Some Big Shots Of The Fast Fashion Industry 

Some big Shots of the Fast Fashion Industry


One of the fast-producing Spanish retail chains Zara is a clothing brand. It is an exemplary brand that from the time of design to production and delivery takes the least minimum time. They have highly skilled designers who sketch garments for men, women, and children and within four weeks, the final product is in the market.    

H & M

Another famous brand H & M is one of the oldest fast fashion companies founded in the year 1947. It functions more like a departmental store, for instance, along with clothing it sells, cosmetics, and home furnishings. The secret behind this company is, it’s a retailer which relies on around 600 suppliers for its garments. 

Trump Card Of Fast Fashion


Primarily it is profitable for manufacturers and retailers as the frequent launch of new garments attracts customers and they buy more often. And it is not that in stores along with the old stock they will add new. They completely replace the stock, so that there the hype of buying anything hand to hand can be created amongst people, or else the product will go out of stock. Moreover, consumers are also getting the benefit of having new clothing at an affordable price. 

The Pitfall Of Fast Fashion


Although the clothes are very affordable and trendy but with the speed, at which they are made quality decreases with that. And it doesn’t even last one season. Along with that fast fashion is contributing a lot to pollution due to its usage of cheap materials and manufacturing methods. In addition, it is a threat to fashion designers also as their designs are being copied and sold at a very cheap price.  


What is Fast Fashion and how is it so bad?

Fast Fashion is generally the production and designing of new clothes within four weeks. The reason why it is bad is that it affects the environment and along with that the quality of clothes also decreases.  

Pros and Cons of Fast Fashion?

Pros: of Fast Fashion are that it is profitable for manufacturers and retailers. It makes clothing affordable and the delivery is also made fast. 

Cons: are that cheap material is used which indirectly encourages consumers to tend to wear it and throw it away. 

Why Fast Fashion is like tobacco?

Fast Fashion clothing items have become like an addiction for people. As every other weekend, there is a new stock in the market, which makes them crave more to buy. 


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