Fabriclore Connects Industry & Consumers

Fabriclore Connects Industry & Consumers


Fabriclore, is India's first fabric and design ecosystem. An e-commerce platform founded in 2016 by Vijay Sharma, Anupam Arya and Sandeep Sharma, Fabriclore is about assembling a complete ecosystem of designers, private labels, fabric man manufacturers and artisans and connecting them directly to the consumers.

The brand offers up to 200 types of textiles that further elaborate to 15,000 plus sku's. Though dozens of textile curators across the country do their bit to revive the Indian Textile industry, Fabriclore, have already taken that next step one that involves thinking outside the box, Innovating and merging different fabrics with prints and dyes like never before.

The brand has made some of the industry's ground breaking fabrics such as Corduroy+Akola, Velvet+Ajrakh, Banana+Bagh Print, and many more. Besides diversifying the crafts, Fabriclore pushes boundaries for artisans to continue their legacy. To quench the thirst for innovation & making crafts a part of life, the brand has shaped a range of handcraft ed home furnishing, decor, stationery, and accessories.

For the aficionados at fabriclore, a fabric isn't just a piece of cloth but a metaphor of joy and hard work. In less than a decade, Fabriclore has garnered momentum and has established itself as a note worthy space for ethically produced indigenous fabrics.


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