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Cupro Fabric

What is Cupro Fabric ? 

  • Cupro is a ‘regenerated cellulose’ fabric made from cotton waste. It is made using the teeny tiny silky cotton fibres, known as linter, that stick out of the cottonseed and are too small to spin.
  • The linter is dissolved into a cuprammonium solution, which is a mixture of copper and ammonium, dropped into caustic soda, then spun into fibre.
  • Much like Tencel and Modal, cupro is a plant-based material that is chemically processed to produce the resulting fabric.  

 Cupro is made from Cotton waste

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What Makes it Stand Out

  • Fineness
  • Elasticity
  • Easy mixture with other fabrics
  • Biodegradable
  • Reduced waste
Texture  Smooth , silky
Fall Good drape
Shine Subtle sheen
Sheer Opaque


Applications & Usage 

  • Cuprammonium rayon is almost exclusively used in apparel, with scarves being one of the few accessories that also sometimes include this fabric.
  • In many cases, cupro is mixed with natural or synthetic fibers that give the finished garment or accessory different attributes. Apparel applications of cuprammonium rayon when mixed with other fabrics include blouses, tank tops, t-shirts, sports bras, and other light, intimate apparel.
  • On its own, cupro is most commonly used in thin, sheer garments like form-fitting dresses.
Apparel Yes
Home Furnishing -
Accessories Yes


Baby garments made of Cupro   

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Care Instructions 

  • When you clean it make sure to turn the material inside out so that the exterior is not exposed to the rougher elements of washing.
  • Putting the material in the dryer should be avoided at all costs.
  • When you air dry, lay the item out flat or place it over a drying rack. Hangers tend to help cupro clothing lose their shape.
  • When storing the material, use a breathable cotton clothes bag and avoid plastics. The plastic encourages yellowing.


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