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Sidharth Malhorta vs Allu Arjun: Who Wore Ethnic Black Jacket Better?

Sidharth Malhorta vs Allu Arjun: Who Wore Ethnic Black Jacket Better?

There are a few heartthrobs in the film industry that consistently walk the red carpet in sharp attire and influence everyone with celebs look. Sometimes they appear so stupidly good that one might lose hours to social media obsession over their fashionable pictures. Not just the actresses but actors also proved their fashion choices in recent diwali events. Numerous celebrities, including Sidharth Malhotra, Varun Dhawan, Allu Arjun, Ram Charan, Vijay Deverakonda, and Arjun Kapoor, demonstrated their impeccable sense of style as Diwali festivities got underway.

Sidharth Malhotra and Allu Arjun, two attractive males, were able to draw attention at Diwali gatherings with their identical yet eye-catching outfits. Manish Malhotra's embroidered ethnic black jacket draws attention to two dashing males from Bollywood.

Lets decode their diwali party look and see who wore this jacket better? 

Sid’s look decode 

Sid’s look decode

Bollywood's hottie Sid donned a bright blue dress with a black combo to Manish Malhotra's celebration in Mumbai. He used a dazzling blue kurta set and a black Nehru jacket with black embroidery to get this appearance. The actor from Thank God wore his trademark hairstyle and paired his suit with a pair of black sneakers. However, Sid's Manish Malhotra-designed nehru black jacket was the most alluring and aesthetically pleasing component of this complete ensemble.

You might use a kurta set made of satin or silk to get this effect. You may choose embroidered fabric for jackets or simply alter basic cloth to suit your tastes.

Allu arjun’s look decode

Allu arjun’s look decode

On the other hand, fashionable actor Allu Arjun was spotted at Manish Malhotra's Diwali party in Hyderabad sporting the identical Nehru jacket in black. The Pushpa actor sported a traditional black-on-black coat or kurta combination and an ethnic jacket with thread embroidery, both designed by Ashwin Mawle. For his Diwali party in a farmhouse, Allu Arjun wore a comfortable outfit that he paired with flip-flops.

He finished off his appearance with a heavy beard, unkempt hair pulled back, and eyeglasses. AA never ceases to amaze us when it comes to fashion. Whether attending a red carpet event or a commercial function, Allu Arjun makes every effort to look his best.

Pushpa actor likes to keep the look comfy yet this time this black jacket adds the style statement to his overall appearance.  Also, he adds his signature charm to the attire that made it more aesthetic. 


How do you wear an all-black outfit?

Balck outfits are evergreen attire to wear yet it can be a complex task to dress up with an all-black outfit. To make it attractive and aesthetic, you could follow some tips and tricks. Firstly remember to put different kinds of fabric so that you can maintain the interest in textures. Do not match two different fabrics into one outfit; choose the same fabric to create a cohesive look. Choose to wear fit clothes to highlight your figure. 

Do all-black outfits look good?

It is a very common assumption that an all black outfit makes you look bold, clear and stylish but this is not true. You need to dress- up correctly and tips should be kept in mind to make an all black outfit successful. As all black outfit has no colour variation then cuts and fitting is the only way to make the attire unique. 


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