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Finding the matching plain fabric is one real struggle! Fabriclore is here to make your life easy with a peppy collection of plain fabrics assorted in Cotton, Rayon, Silk, Lurex, Loom-Textured and more varieties.

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Draft your exclusive abaya and hijab collection with our simplified fabric sourcing solutions. With our fabric customization services & in-house textile experts, we are offering wholesale fabric buying for middle east countries. From cotton, linen to polyester, satin & more, we offer fabrics with a wide variety & assured high quality. Approach us to find the right kind of wholesale fabric for your clothing store.

Cotton fabric holds pride in the textile industry as kandura and thawb do in our traditional clothing. It is a soft and breathable fabric to which you can create almost any kind of outfit from ghutra headdress for your kandura to hijab for your abaya. Cotton thobes provide immense comfort and go well in summer time owing to its absorption nature. Just like cotton, Linen is also a great choice for autumn and summer collections in Middle East Countries.

Beside these natural fabrics, polyester could add elegance to your abaya, Burqa and other clothing collection as its durable and soft feature makes it ideal for both summer and winter.  In the series of fabrics in UAE, the next fabric that holds elegance and luxurious look with itself is satin. This material has the potential to create an aesthetic appearance whole keeping elegance intact. The shiny texture, lightweight features & durability of satin material is perfect for any occasion-wear brand.