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180 Gram Mashru Silk FabricPlain Dyeable Mashru Silk Fabric -
180 Gram Mashru Silk Fabric Sale priceFrom ₹50.00
Modal Silk Plain Fabric- 55 GSM - Fabriclore.comModal Silk Plain Fabric- 55 GSM -
70 Gram Bemberg Silk Fabric Sale priceFrom ₹50.00
Dyeable Liva Bemberg Modal ( Cotton Silk Heavy ) Fabric - Fabriclore.comDyeable Liva Bemberg Modal ( Cotton Silk Heavy ) Fabric -
100 Gram Dyeable Viscose Gaji Silk Fabric ( Width 46 Inch ) - Fabriclore.com100 Gram Dyeable Viscose Gaji Silk Fabric ( Width 46 Inch ) -
Dyeable Liva Bemberg Modal ( Gaji Silk )Fabric - Fabriclore.comDyeable Liva Bemberg Modal ( Gaji Silk )Fabric -
96x60 Viscose Silk Fabric ( Width 46 Inch ) - Fabriclore.com96x60 Viscose Silk Fabric ( Width 46 Inch ) -
110 Gram VFY Fabric (Raw Silk) Sale priceFrom ₹50.00
Gajji Silk Plain- 80 GSM - Fabriclore.comGajji Silk Plain- 80 GSM -
Dyeable Viscose Muslin Fabric ( Width 56 Inch ) - Fabriclore.comDyeable Viscose Muslin Fabric ( Width 56 Inch ) -
110 Gram VFY x Modal Muslin Fabric Sale priceFrom ₹50.00
Dyeable Viscose Paper Silk Fabric ( Width 46 Inch ) - Fabriclore.comDyeable Viscose Paper Silk Fabric ( Width 46 Inch ) -
60 Gram VFY Paper Silk Fabric Sale priceFrom ₹50.00
90x80 Viscose Silk Fabric - Fabriclore.com90x80 Viscose Silk Fabric -
75 Gram VFY Fabric (Viscose Silk ) Sale priceFrom ₹50.00
60 Gram Maheshwari Chanderi Fabric60 Gram Maheshwari Chanderi Fabric
60 Gram Maheshwari Chanderi Fabric Sale priceFrom ₹50.00
96x64 Viscose Silk Fabric ( Width 45 Inch ) - Fabriclore.com96x64 Viscose Silk Fabric ( Width 45 Inch ) -
70 Gram Linen Chanderi Fabric70 Gram Linen Chanderi Fabric
70 Gram Linen Chanderi Fabric Sale priceFrom ₹100.00
105 Gram Viscose Raw Silk Fabric105 Gram Viscose Raw Silk Fabric
105 Gram Viscose Raw Silk Fabric Sale priceFrom ₹50.00
40 Gram Mercerized Chanderi Fabric40 Gram Mercerized Chanderi Fabric
40 Gram Mercerized Chanderi Fabric Sale priceFrom ₹50.00
250 Gram Viscose Crepe Fabric ( Width 58" )250 Gram Viscose Crepe Fabric ( Width 58" )
80 Gram Ahinsa Silk Fabric80 Gram Ahinsa Silk Fabric
80 Gram Ahinsa Silk Fabric Sale priceFrom ₹150.00
60 Gram Mercerized Chanderi Fabric60 Gram Mercerized Chanderi Fabric
60 Gram Mercerized Chanderi Fabric Sale priceFrom ₹50.00
70 Gram Viscose Indian Russian Silk Fabric70 Gram Viscose Indian Russian Silk Fabric

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From Timeless Classics to Contemporary Favourites, Find Your Perfect Silk Fabric at Fabriclore

Are you searching for high-quality silk fabric that depicts craftsmanship in every thread? Shop from Fabriclore at wholesale prices! Explore our exquisite range of silk fabric wholesale, and get the perfect fusion of quality with creativity!

Introduction to Silk Fabric:

Overview of Silk:

One of the oldest known natural fibres, silk is known for its shine, lustre, strength and durability. If you flip the pages of history and look for evidence like the Silk Route, you will find the fabric as a long and important part of global trading history. Renowned for being the epitome of luxury due to its premium, soft feel and elegant aesthetics, silk is a popular textile in high-end couture and fashion design. 

Types of Silk:

Silk comes from the silkworm’s cocoon and in various forms. Every form has its own characteristics, so before you try to find the best place to buy silk fabric, here are the different types of silk. 

  • Mulberry Silk: This one is characterized by its smooth texture and brilliant sheen. Mulberry silk is derived from silkworms who are fed exclusively on mulberry leaves. 
  • Tussar Silk: Wildly celebrated for its natural gold sheen and textured appeal, Tussar Silk is sourced from wild silkworms. 
  • Exotic Varieties: Including high-end options like Eri silk and Muga silk, this category includes silk types that offer distinctive textures and cultural significance. 

Benefits of Silk Fabric Wholesale:

Known for its absorbent nature and beautiful drape, silk has an incredible number of positive perks, including: 

  • Elasticity: The material has excellent flexibility which makes it ideal for a wide range of garments. 
  • Texture: Fashion brands that opt for silk fabric get an incredibly soft material with a flattering sheen which renders a high-end and luxurious appeal. 
  • Absorbency: Silk is by far one of the most absorbent fabrics, so it handles moisture well among all the clothing materials available in the market. 
  • Strength and Durability: Most fashion brands go for pure silk dress material wholesale because the fabric is one of the strongest natural fibres. Although some of the silk’s strength diminishes upon getting wet, it is blended with other fibres such as cotton for added sturdiness. 
  • Breathability: Silk is great at regulating temperature and the fabric keeps the wearer cool in summer and warm in winter. 
  • Hypoallergenic: In addition, the fabric is ideal for sensitive skin as it prevents irritation and allergic reactions. 

Basics of Silk Fabric:

Composition and Characteristics:

If you dive into the basics, silk is a natural protein fibre composed mainly of fibroin. Fibroin is known for its strength and elasticity, and the fine, smooth threats of fibroin are delicately spun by silkworms for a fabric that is both lightweight and strong. One of silk’s most enchanting attributes is its natural lustre. The fabric has a very organic shine that enhances the depth of colours. Whether dyed or kept in its natural form, silk radiates elegance and oomph, which makes it a fabric for the rich and sophisticated. 

Care Instructions:

After you buy silk dress material wholesale for your private label fashion brand, retail business, or manufacturing unit, here are the general care instructions you can follow

  • Dry clean or hand wash in cold water.
  • Use a mild detergent; avoid bleach.
  • Air dry in the shade; avoid direct sunlight.
  • Iron on low heat; use a cloth barrier.
  • Store in a cool, dry place; avoid moisture.

Weaves and Types:

Silk fabric showcases a variety of weaves that influence their texture and appeal. These include:

  • Common Silk weaves in satin, chiffon and crepe for evening wearing flowy dresses, and crinkled, matte finish for different fashion apparels. 
  • Specialty weaves with intricate patterns and designs for elevating silk fabrics to artistic heights. Common examples include Jacquard, brocade, etc. where the fabric is woven for raised textural and visual depth and richly decorated with intricate motifs like in ceremonial garments. 

How is Silk Made?

  • Before you get wholesale silk fabric, silk threads are extracted and spun from cocoons, which is a labour-intensive process.
  • Then it is processed with dyeing, printing and different finishing treatments for softness, shine and wrinkle resistance. 
  • Next, the fabric is quality tested to ensure it meets the diverse industry standards and of course ethical requirements, so you get nothing but sheer excellence.

Wholesale Silk Fabric at Fabriclore:

At Fabriclore, we promise you craftsmanship and quality in every yard of silk fabric. There are several reasons that make us the best for wholesale silk fabric. Some of them are listed as follows: 

  • Wide Selection: At Fabriclore, we understand that the versatility of silk as a fabric is enough to make fashion brands go viral. To help brands design different garment types, we offer an extensive range of silk fabrics to choose from.
  • Quality Assurance: We believe in quality assurance and transparency. To ensure that every client gets what they pay for, we check every meter of silk from our inventory for quality without fail. 
  • Competitive Pricing: Our silk offers you a premium feel, but you can get the fabric at competitive rates. Shop from Fabriclore, and enjoy wholesale prices that provide great value for money.
  • Custom Orders: Fabriclore caters to specific requirements with custom orders. You can get custom swatches before you make bulk orders, and we also have the moodboarding and advanced visualization options.
  • Sustainability: Fabriclore sources eco-friendly silk fabrics for 50+ verified and authentic mills.
  • Fast Shipping: Benefit from reliable and quick delivery services, so you get your fabric orders on time.
  • Bulk Discounts: Avail of additional discounts on bulk purchases.
  • Innovative Designs: Explore unique and trendy silk fabric designs according to seasons, trends, silhouettes and customer demands.
  • Reputable Supplier: Trusted by over 200 designers and businesses, Fabriclore is a brand that allows you to get quality in every thread.

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