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Albert Cloth

What is Albert Cloth ?

  • Albert cloth is a heavy woollen material with different colors or patterns on either side.
  • The cloth had alternative names such as "plaid-back coverts" and "golf cloth".
  • Albert cloth is a double weave fabric, made using a method of weaving in which two layers of fabric are woven simultaneously. 


  • The skillful technique of double weaving was invented in the 700 AD, but it wasn’t until the 19th century that double cloth wool gained popularity.
  • It was soon termed as the Albert Cloth Fabric. This made its way through the fashion garments industry and is still very famous. 

What Makes it Stand out 

  • Reversible
  • Easily patterned
  • Flexibility and durability
  • Thermal insulation properties
Texture   Smooth
Shine Slight Sheen
Sheer Opaque


Applications & Usage

  • Reversible jackets , fancy curtains, sofa covers ,decorative, and as an interlining material.
Home Furnishing Yes
Accessories -


New Age Innovations

  • Initially , it was invented using wool . But now , similar technique is used to produce in different types of fabrics , which is termed as double cloth .

Care Instructions

  • As it is made from wool, it is vulnerable to attacks from moths and mildews. So, make sure you store this fabric and its garments in the insect-free area or use insect repellants.
  • Don’t let this material get burnt or affected by any strong chemical as it can quickly get damaged.
  • Wash it with care with neutral soaps, and hand wash is strongly recommended.

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