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Buckram Fabric

What is Buckram Fabric?

  • Buckram fabric is a rough, heavy, and open plain weave fabric from cotton or hemp.
  • The cloth’s stiff and coarse qualities are due to the starch and other sizing agents in which the fabric was soaked and then dried.
  • Buckram fabric is mainly used to give a garment shape and structure.



  • Textile experts and historians believe that the name came from Bukhara in Uzbekistan, where the material originates.
  • On the other hand, others believe that it evolved from the word Bokeram, referring to an ordinary fabric made of cotton.
  • The cloth dates to the Middle Ages and has become a common material in the textile industry.
  • Because it is hardwearing and versatile, it became a staple in the garment and fashion industry, and it still is until today.


What Makes it Stand Out

  • Rigidity, durability, and strength
  • Keeps Its Shape
  • Water-Resistant
  • Insect and Mold Repellant
Texture Mesh like feel
Fall Not drapable
Shine  Dull
Sheer See through 

Application and Uses

  • Buckram is generally used for linings, but it is also used to provide shapes to garments and is used extensively in Millinery.
  • When rewetted or warmed, it can be shaped to create durable firm fabric for book covers and hats.
Apparel Yes
Home Furnishing  -
Accessories Yes

 Buckram used in Millinery

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Care Instructions

  • Wise to avoid washing the Buckram fabric because it gets flabby and loses its shape once placed in water and soap.
  • To remove dirt if incase , gently handwash it with warm water.


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