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Casement Fabric

What is Casement?

  • Casement fabric is generaly made up of light weight cotton fabric and plain weave , closely packed with thick warp yarns and is slightly heavier than cotton.
  • The fibers of this fabric are significantly thick and have a large diameter.

Casement Fabrics

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  • Sample length of Goodall-Sanford Inc., 'Casement cloth' fabric; in light gray. 1951.
  • This blend of cotton and mohair was said by the manufacturer to provide "richly simple, dust shedding, casement curtains".
  • Casement curtains, also known as 'glass curtains' were used under draperies or on their own to let in light while providing privacy.

What Makes it Stand Out?

  • It is a popular light weight , plain weaved and semi sheer fabric .
  • It has a low count fabric consisting of carded yarns.
  • Absorbs sound due to its thick weave .Need not worry of sound penetrating curtains .
  • Wide range of colors .
  • Rustic look.
Texture Light weight & smooth
 Fall Drapable
Shine Dull
Sheer Slight sheer - Opaque

Application and Uses

  • It is perfect application for backing for heavy drapery and backdrops making it best for curtains.
  • Apart from curtains , also used for table linen, upholstery and mats.
Apparel Yes
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 Casement curtains

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Care Instructions

  • It's a highly durable fabric that doesn’t require much cleaning, caution during use, and a lot of attention.
  • Occasionally cleaning is enough .
  • Though it will survive excessive washing and harsh detergents, it is advised that you wash this fabric either with hands or in a gentle machine wash.
  • Make sure you are air drying it.

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