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Felt Fabric

What is Felt Fabric?

  • Felt is a type of matted fabric that consists of textile fibers condensed and pressed together. Traditionally made with wool or another type of animal fur, it’s now possible to make felt with acrylic and other forms of synthetic fibers.

        Types of felt include :

  1. Pressed: This is the oldest form of felt (or fabric at all) that is known to man. It even predates knitting and weaving techniques. It’s the most common type, which uses wool fibres or a blend of wool and synthetic fibres. Those are compressed using heat and moisture, causing the fabrics to interlock. It can be cheap to make, and in a range of thicknesses which achieve a high density.
  2. Needled: In the case of needed felt, a blend of wool and synthetic fibres, or 100% wool, are interlocked. But this time by a machine rather than naturally. Machines that contain thousands of needles interlock the fibres to produce this softer, less dense type of felt fabric. It is often used for crafts or cushioning.
  3. Woven: Wool or a wool blend is directly woven into a cloth and then moisture and pressure are applied. This makes the fibres naturally interlock, as with pressed felt. This incredibly durable fabric is ideal for musical instruments and door seals. It has a much lower maximum thickness than needled or pressed felt.


  • Felt is one of the oldest known textiles.
  • The location of its origin is debated, with many cultures having their own origin legends for the process. However, it is thought to have been created over 5000 years ago in Asia.
  • The method is still practised by Nomadic peoples in Asia.
  • They make tents, rugs and clothing, including traditional yurts and more tourist oriented items such as decorative slippers.
  • One commonly told origin story is that during the Middle Ages, men lined their sandals with wool for comfort.
  • Over time, the fibres in the wool became interlocked and felted as a result of the moisture, warmth and recurring pressure from being walked on. 

What Makes it Stand Out

  • Sound-dampening properties
  • Highly moisture-wicking
  •  Absorbent
Texture   Hairy texture
Fall Not suitable for drapes
Shine Dull
Sheer Opaque


Pink Felt Fabric

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Applications & Usage

  • Slippers and as a novelty fabric for garments and drapery.
  • Felt padding is employed in both apparel and furniture. 
  • Industrial applications include insulation, packaging, and polishing materials
  • Used in musical instruments and door seals and crafts .
Apparel  Yes
Home Furnishing  Yes
Accessories Yes
Sheer Opaque


Care Instructions

  • Doesn't require washing .
  • Let air - dry if moist or wet .
  • Wipe off spills immediately .
  • Can wash by hand gently , if needed .
  • Do not let soak for long periods of time .Squeeze extra water off .
  • Shape damp felt and dry flat .
  • Cannot be bleached .
  • Iron on low - moderate heat setting

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