Kevlar Fabric

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What is Kevlar Fabric?

  • Kevlar is a strong synthetic fiber that can stand up to heat. 
  • It is related to aramids ( a class of synthetic polymers) like Nomex and Technora. 
  • The fabric is usually spun into ropes or sheets that can be further used in composite components.
Kevlar Fabric


  • Stephanie Kwolek, a scientist at DuPont, created Kevlar in 1965. In 1964, she began working with her team to develop a lightweight solution for tires that were nevertheless robust and durable, expecting a petrol crisis. 
  • As a commercial product, however, it was first introduced in the 1970s as a replacement for steel in racing tires.

Kevlar Fabric

What Makes it Stand out 


It is smooth and has a ribbed texture 


The fabric is not suitable for drapes


Kelvar fabric is lustrous in appearance. 


It is extremely strong with being light in weight. 

Applications & Usage


Body armor, bulletproof vests, etc


Gloves, jackets, etc.

Care Instructions

  • Do not wash the fabric, as after drying the fibers of the fabric will get damaged. 
  • Keep the fabric out of sunlight 
  • As the fabric takes shape easily therefore it is recommended to keep the fabric properly. 

Kevlar Fabric

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