Sharkskin fabric

Sharkskin fabric

What is Sharkskin fabric?

  • The term Sharkskin is used in a generic sense for either a woven fabric or a wrap-knitted fabric that reflects the image of sharkskin. 
  • Sharkskin fabric varies depending upon its weaving such as plain, twill, or basket weave
  • The fabric is made with yarns of rayon, worsted wool, acetate, and other such synthetic fibers. 
Sharkskin fabric


  • Historically, the finest sharkskin fabric was made of natural fibers, some being a mixture of mohair, silk, or wool. 
  • These fabrics in 1950 and 1960 were manufactured in small quantities in South America and are made with a blend of guanaco or alpaca fibers.
  • During that time, the inclusion of silk in the fabric was most common however it was a little costly. 
History of sharkskin fabric

What makes it stand out


The fabric has a soft texture and a two-toned woven appearance.


Sharkskin fabric is wrinkle-resistant and can hang very well with any extra care.


It is a lightweight fabric which makes it easy to handle. 

Application and usage


Formal suits, wet suits, etc.

Home Furnishing

Curtains, table cloth, bedsheets, etc.

Care Instructions

  • You can wash the fabric either by hand or by machine.
  • Dry the fabric in direct sunlight
  • Ironing the fabric is not necessary as the fabric is wrinkle resistant. 
Care Instructions for Sharkskin fabric

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